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  1. They released a update for the firmware. Now can swap disks on the Mini as well as other cool stuff. Version 1.5.2 – Changes and additions [THEC64 Full size European] Fixes missing Bluestar carousel cover image which was broken in release v1.5.1 under some circumstances [All models] Adds C64 joystick port selection; see notes below Adds C64 only Classic mode added to THEC64 Mini Adds disk swapping added to THEC64 Mini [All models] Adds Commodore REU support with 512K, 2MB or 16MB as filename flags or CJM parameters; see notes below New games for THEC64 Mini: Hessian (C64) and PET Snake (C64) New games for THEC64 full size: Hessian (C64), PET Snake (C64), City Crusher(VIC20) and Mine Sweep (VIC20) New games for THEVIC20: Hessian (C64), PET Snake (C64), City Crusher(VIC20) and Mine Sweep (VIC20) https://retrogames.biz/thec64/support/upgrade-thec64
  2. Pm for Levalhead if it is still available. Thanks!
  3. I would like to sign up for the giveaway please. Thank you.
  4. Two commas in line 170..don't have a way to test. 170 DATA FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF,,0001070F1F3F7F7F,
  5. Sign me up for the drawing Please and Thank You, sir.
  6. NanoPeb works just fine. Add a FinalGrom to the collection and you will have pretty much everything you would need with minimal expense.
  7. The easiest way to load programs is with RXB. Load up RXB in classic99. Press option 3 i think is Editor/Assembler. Press "D" for directory, and then the disk drive number: 0, 1, 2...ect. RXB will read the disk directory, scroll down to the program you want to load. Press "spacebar" if it is a basic, or extended basic program. OR Press "Enter" if it is a ea/5 program. It will work 99.9999% of the time. EDIT: In classic99 Cartridge>APPS>RXB2020D By Rich Gilbertson
  8. My 32k "In the console" F18 equipped CF7+ Raspberry Pi 400 Mickey Mouse time keeping work and play station. It looks like they were meant to be together. lol. A quick press of a button on the TV remote and I get full access to the AtariAge forums. Ain't technology grand! Haha..it works brilliantly.
  9. I stumbled upon Classic99 many years ago when I was surfing the web..(surfing the web was a saying back then) and because of that I found a new love and appreciation for the computer and thanks to you it is still going strong. Thank You Tursi for all that you do for us. I am thankful. You rock.
  10. Thank you sir! I tried to do all that other stuff....got confused and decided to have a beer and ask y'all for help..Thanks @mizapf, you are awesome!
  11. Can someone put together a .rpk of this for MAME...please? I tried, and failed miserably..lol.
  12. I think I found a bug. I press 3 for EA> D for directory> scroll down to the Extended Basic Program I want to load> Hit Spacebar> and get a memory full error. I have tried it in MAME, Classic99 and JS99er. Unless I am doing something wrong...but it has always worked in RXB2015...
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