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  1. https://mygeekyhobby.com/2020/07/05/eprom-emulator/ indeed, although it looks like an interesting project.
  2. Thanks for the help, and the talk about the birds, the bees and the bits.
  3. Don't care, just ordered a new Atari. All I got from them is good quality and knows their stuff. we are to used to bend over backwards to customers.
  4. Hello. I'm starting to follow ben eater's project of a minimal 6502 computer. For the EEPROM part, I'm thinking on using SPI flash memory and figure out if there is an adapter to emulate those chips. Have you ever emulate eeprom with flash? is that even possible ? there is an eeprom emulator, but it uses a full arduino nano, maybe it is the next option. Cheers. M.
  5. LOL RTFM, I was confusing the cartridge with the SDcard. from manual: The PBI BIOS and Hard Disk menu is the largest menu of all and provides numerous settings which apply to the integral hard disk (when used with the SIDE/SIDE2cartridge).
  6. Hello. I configured a small tnfs with all the software I need for my atari. (SDX atr image with logo, tbasic, assembler, etc.) I'd like to use a directory in the SD card as Hard disk, so I can save my files without having them in an atr image. I enabled the HDD option in U1mb, but cannot mount the dir either in the tnfs or the SD card. Is this possible ?
  7. thanks FJC! Ok good I don’t have to do anything at that respect So, coming back to original question: Am I doing it wrong by adding RDEV to autoexec?
  8. Hello Doctor:) thanks a lot for your video. I was following it. yes I actually flashed the biggest image into my U1Mb I was trying to create a config.sys for d1. Thinking of several options for my D1 to avoid memory collisions just seems weird to me that the config.sys in cart has osram
  9. This car config filee. And BTW If I use banked in D1, it freezes the boot
  10. I’m trying to make sense of boot process. even if 1mb has sdx enabled, I guess Fujinet loads its own. I created my SDX system disk for D1 tried to add RDEV to autoexec.bat but it fails. I guess I have to add a DEVICE line to my D1 config sys The one In CAR: has a lot of lines. I’m tempted to copy it to D1 image
  11. Thx ! ... 320 Rambo seems to work fine. PBI and axlon stuff gave me some trouble. It takes forever to init, but maybe save state can be better
  12. I'm trying to run SDX449_sdx128 in Atari800X mac 2.2 it boots ok, but loading tbasic either crashes or freezes, note that prompt is not TB, but SDOS Does this require a special config? tried standard 130XE and 800XL modes with an without expansion. no luck
  13. Plus, I can use it for both the ST and 8bit. Now if I could find a RS232 interface for Spectrum;)
  14. Sure! Correct, you don’t even need full raspbian, any small server will do. I think the only special thing I did was to disable the flow control. &K0 I followed this guide https://www.insentricity.com/a.cl/215/putting-your-retro-computer-on-the-line And this, but usb instead of UART http://podsix.org/articles/pimodem/
  15. Hello Guys Thanks for all your pointers, the TOS update worked like a charm. 1.04 fixed a couple of nasty problems with UltraSatan. and I only bent 1 chip pin in the process. The GBS 8200 only supports vga 30khz. for 15khz you need to combine hsync+vsync and make a custom cable. Still deciding if building it or getting a 15khz monitor will be better.
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