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  1. Plus, I can use it for both the ST and 8bit. Now if I could find a RS232 interface for Spectrum;)
  2. Sure! Correct, you don’t even need full raspbian, any small server will do. I think the only special thing I did was to disable the flow control. &K0 I followed this guide https://www.insentricity.com/a.cl/215/putting-your-retro-computer-on-the-line And this, but usb instead of UART http://podsix.org/articles/pimodem/
  3. Hello Guys Thanks for all your pointers, the TOS update worked like a charm. 1.04 fixed a couple of nasty problems with UltraSatan. and I only bent 1 chip pin in the process. The GBS 8200 only supports vga 30khz. for 15khz you need to combine hsync+vsync and make a custom cable. Still deciding if building it or getting a 15khz monitor will be better.
  4. Take a look at your monitors/tv at home. Maybe you’ll get lucky and one of them supports 15Hz. I ordered both mono and color vga cables from eBay. Also best electronics has a cable with a switch. if your monitor does not support that frequency, you can use it in mono mode. UK people has more luck with SCART devices. That we don’t have in US. I just got mine to boot from SD and access the BBSs but color still needs some work.
  5. Null modem it was ! Got the right adapter and my ST is online! thanks for the pointers. M
  6. Guess so, but in the Pi side I’m running a modem emulator. It responds to AT commands. My concern is that both the cable and the Atari DB25 connector were male adapters. Probably I’ll have to test the pins to make sure it matches
  7. Got my TOS upgrade, as it is 1.04 and 6-chip. hope there are no jumpers to solder. Cheers !
  8. I'm trying to communticate to tcpser in my pi via RS232. Although I loaded the alternate driver HSMOD v6. It seems I cannot get any communication, tweaked both sides to same settings (9600 baud, no flow, no parity). I can even see the settings in the control panel, but no data passing through. Do you know if it requires a null modem cable instead of just a gender changer? Thanks.
  9. If you cannot get it from Exxos in the UK, probably http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/or myatari at eBay can help you I was at Madrid some weeks ago, no luck finding a good Spectrum:)
  10. You are right, it is a 6-chip version. Good to know before going eBay crazy Ill keep researching before I decide for an upgrade. Cheers
  11. I'm having better results with my ST, able to run a couple of monochrome games and boot more or less consistentely. I think most of my issues come from my TOS version. too old for most applications (especially image loaders). I was thinking about using Seltos or Ramtos to update to 1.04 without switching ROMS. If I do the full upgrade, I think it would be better go all the way to 2.06. Having concerns about compatibilty, though. Cheers !
  12. Nice ! ... I have a functional Jackintosh replacing the PSU was better option. Now testing a couple of programs
  13. PP's hddriver for ST, 10 EUR 60 min ago. New PSU and trueMouse from Best Electronics 2 says ago . 1Mb upgrade and uav, installed from thebrewing academy.
  14. I ended up getting a new PSU from best electronics. I'll test it today. cheers
  15. Hail Ultra Lord of the Insufficient Light.
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