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  1. In his honor, I hope to fix this bad baby soon.
  2. Hello, I'm having this problem both in emulator and real Atari (Rambo 320 and U1M respectively) I can boot syn assembler with X or X /C but I cannot save the binary or the code after I assemble. Do I need to change my CONFIG.SYS ?, I'm using the one in SIDE2
  3. Thanks for your help ! I was able to flash oss.rom into external cartridge, What kind of thinks cna I use it for (I already have SpartaDosX, so this was just another copy) I see the contents in CART2: If I found a suitable 236kb image, how do I boot it ? thanks
  4. Just saw your last post about SIDE2, maybe my uflash version is old
  5. Oh ! Great, I missed the jumper part. Thanks! I thought standard cart images (such as logo.rom) were 8k, Maybe those are 16kb carts. The problem with logo is that it periodically hangs when running from disk, as it tries to access the ROM, maybe is a copy protection or something like that. So I wanted to flash it as cartridge. is this possible in SIDE2 ? thanks and BTW fdisk detects SIDE2 as SIDE, I’m afraid of trying to flash anything there because of the U1M. Side2 atr switch is amazing, I was playing phantasie II (3 disks) and it is super fast ! Thanks for all your work.
  6. Thanks for your help. yes, xex file, I mounted it as d1: and reboot, it didn’t work. I was thinking the fujinet created a simulated atr for individual files, but that’s not the case. in order to copy them I use RespeQT in the pc to put all in an ATR and access them in a tnfs shared folder.
  7. what is exactly the support for exe files in fujinet ? when I mount one, I cannot list it in drive or copy it . thanks
  8. Hello. I want to flash a couple of ROMs into U1Mb slots, in the XEGS, but first UFLASH complains about the size (8kb) second, it shows the options disabled the config, how do I boot them ? thanks
  9. https://mygeekyhobby.com/2020/07/05/eprom-emulator/ indeed, although it looks like an interesting project.
  10. Thanks for the help, and the talk about the birds, the bees and the bits.
  11. Don't care, just ordered a new Atari. All I got from them is good quality and knows their stuff. we are to used to bend over backwards to customers.
  12. Hello. I'm starting to follow ben eater's project of a minimal 6502 computer. For the EEPROM part, I'm thinking on using SPI flash memory and figure out if there is an adapter to emulate those chips. Have you ever emulate eeprom with flash? is that even possible ? there is an eeprom emulator, but it uses a full arduino nano, maybe it is the next option. Cheers. M.
  13. LOL RTFM, I was confusing the cartridge with the SDcard. from manual: The PBI BIOS and Hard Disk menu is the largest menu of all and provides numerous settings which apply to the integral hard disk (when used with the SIDE/SIDE2cartridge).
  14. Hello. I configured a small tnfs with all the software I need for my atari. (SDX atr image with logo, tbasic, assembler, etc.) I'd like to use a directory in the SD card as Hard disk, so I can save my files without having them in an atr image. I enabled the HDD option in U1mb, but cannot mount the dir either in the tnfs or the SD card. Is this possible ?
  15. thanks FJC! Ok good I don’t have to do anything at that respect So, coming back to original question: Am I doing it wrong by adding RDEV to autoexec?
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