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  1. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has an old SNES & or Genesis mk1 than no longer use and want to part with with? must come with controllers but as I'm in the UK do not need the power supply's or RF cables. Postage to the UK and can pay by Pal-Pal Thanks Darren
  2. i used the guide from here to update mine fella - http://harmony.atariage.com/Site/Support.html also check you are using PAL ROMS
  3. excellent, I'm back in the US from wednesday for 8 days so let me know
  4. hi bud, just wondered if you had anyone of these consoles coming up for sale soon?
  5. controllers aside the system is awesome and wish i had one in my collection.
  6. Thanks for letting me know. I'm back in the US End of April so will be in touch just before - also hoping to pick up a snes at the same time to bring home.
  7. do you know if these will run OK on a UK Sega power supply ? I'm back in the US in April and looking to bring back a genesis to add to my collection.
  8. been playing this today - brilliant game
  9. I have found the same issue with the colours
  10. Mine arrived today to the UK Roll on home time so can test it out. Very impressed with the quality of the cart itself.
  11. vintage for me, i haven't switched my PS4 on since i got my 2600 for christmas and since then been buying carts every week, picked up a 7800 last weekend and also just had my dispatched email for the harmony. Just really enjoying retro over current at the moment
  12. yay - mines been shipped just need one for the 7800 now
  13. been playing this today - so bloody hard, well it is for me ha!
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