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  1. I have a few new OEM I have a few New OEM lcd for the Lynx II and 2-3 Back light units.
  2. Hey http://www.ebay.com/itm/NIB-NEC-AccuSync-LCD71V-17-White-LCD-monitor-/232012938703?hash=item36050c7dcf:g:nL4AAOSw7XZXh9ON These are listed back on ebay again by the seller. I bought two of them a few months back and they work great with the Amiga/Atari computers. Just make sure when you order the you send them msg to make sure they send you the 71v models. They by mistake sent me 72v the first time which dont work. But they were super fast to correct the mistake.
  3. I have a NIB HPI Warrior Nuon controller, but its not cheap
  4. I have the following 10 non working Lynx II 2 Lynx II that power on play sound but not image 2 lynx II that function normal Send me a PM if interested in any of them
  5. I have a Dymo Label Writer 450 Turbo. It works great under Win7,8, and 10 Plus the Dymo label creation software is pretty user friendly
  6. I have a few 20" PVM's. Where are you located? They are hard to ship do to them being 85lbs each and the past two i had shipped to me came damaged.
  7. CRT repairmen are hard to come buy these days. Its a good chance its bad caps. Have you made sure its not the switch. On one of my old monitors the switch went out so it wouldn't turn on when pushed. The contacts in the switch had broken off due to age.
  8. There are a few members on the board who will burn you 2 chip TOS for you machine. You could still use the 6 chips on the German ST but you would have to solder in sockets or solder directly to the board. Then its just a matter of bridging a few jumpers. Otherwise if you wanna spend $30 you can buy these http://www.ebay.com/itm/ATARI-ST-STE-STFM-STF-MEGA-TOS-ROMS-1-02-1-04-1-60-1-62-COMPUTER-OS-UPGRADE-/141651533843?hash=item20fb16e013:g:xw0AAOxy3NBSd4bR
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