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  1. Hi - I bought a heavy sixer and thought that I got a very good deal. Well, it is not working -- the console seems to work but the image is extremely bad (very rainy, and no audio). I opened it and found the what you see. Any thoughts on what was repaired? What is the part that I need to buy to get this fixed. Appreciate guidance Can this be a PAL conversion? I am in Latin America but we use NTSC nowadays. )
  2. I guess that I find my answer: https://www.atari.com/atari-licensing/
  3. Hi - I am wondering if anyone has looked as licensing some of the Atari Art to create a boardgame (e.g. art of ET, Defender, etc). Any thoughts?
  4. Hi Everyone -- I am from Argentina, and I have been offered the attached coming from Venezuela. I haven't asked for the price yet. Any background on these games? Are they repros, hacks or new games? Any idea on how rare/ how much I should pay for these? Thanks
  5. I do have a pal version. Tested in a pal tv and works great
  6. Solved. This is PAL. Are we adding this to the database?
  7. Hi - I have a Parker Brother cart that works but the graphics looks funky (not even close to what you can see in ROM/ Youtube). Any thoughts on that might be the issue? My first thought is that this might be a PAL cart but I don't see it in the atariage database. Appreciate help
  8. yes, probably another topic on this one. I want to indulge myself after a very tough year, and looking to buy 5 homebrews. What are the top 5 homebrews that you think that I should own? I have falldown and gunfight, and find that homebrews are very high quality, and absultely worth of own it. Thanks!
  9. BTW - Anyone knows can can dump this? I am from South America but will be in the Bay Area in a couple of months.
  10. Thanks. I think I have some good news (hopefully). First let me give you some background. In the early 2000, I was an active Atari collector. I got this through a flea market seller. At one point on my life, I put everything in boxes, and re-opened these some months ago. I always thought that this was a PAL version but now I have some real doubts. This is what i found out: (1) I have TVs that have several input input options: AUTO, PAL-N, PAL-M, and NTSC (2) I have my TV set as "AUTO" (3) When I insert ANY Atari NTSC cart in AUTO it works. It also works under NTSC. Under PAL-N and PAL-M it shows the typical issue. (4) When I insert this prototype cart in AUTO it does not detect it as NTSC. But when I manually put this as NTSC in the TV, it works. It does not when it put it as PAL. I tried this in TWO different TVs. Same thing. I have uploaded this to youtube. See the following videos: and So I guess that this is NTSC, right? Why is the TV under "Auto" does not detect this but it works under "NTSC". Thoughts? Now the fun part. I tried the Easter egg under Taz. And I got the "Woita Wave". I went to Atari protos and it said that it was not coded in the Asterix. See here: Thoughts?
  11. Hi - I bought this more than 15 years ago. Never opened until today. The only thing that I new that it was a PAL version since when I plugged it, the screen rolled (and works great in PAL/NTSC TVs). So, I went ahead and open it to find out if it was a true prototype or not. Below are the pics, and some questions: (1) Is these a real prototype (2) Anyone has more background on this release bits. Anyone is keeping record of this? (3) How rare is this cart? And what is the price given that is a PAL version? Thanks
  12. I have a lot of 11 extremely rare Argentinian/Brazilian carts. I still need to test these, but they are probably PAL and all working. Some of them have a two-in-one games. Here are some pics. I will be in the USA in 25 days so I can ship from there. If interested please send me a message with offer. I only sell the whole lot. Payment thru paypal. I will try to take better pictures during the week.
  13. It's seems a lot of material to cover in 400 pages. What % is Atari2600 related? How many carts are you listing? Also could you give some idea on the dimensions (Lenght, Width). And the cover is it soft/hard? I agree that this is more a coffee table book.
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