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  1. I have a Channel F model 1 (hardwired controllers) and both controllers have the same problem as yours -- everything works except 'up'. I did some continuity troubleshooting and it appears the yellow wire is broken somewhere in the controller cable. The controller wires are very thin/fragile and seem to be prone to this. Still trying to figure out the best way to fix it with minimal cutting and patching.
  2. Found this Game Boy bundle at a yard sale for $15. Games are in great condition. The Game Boy needed some work -- had to clean battery contact corrosion, fix missing vertical lines, and general cleaning. Only remaining issue is a band of horizontal lines not working. I don't have the right tools to fix it so maybe sometime later. Having fun checking out the games on my GBA SP-101. I had almost no GB stuff before this find. I used to hit the yard sales more often but not so much the last couple of years. It was fun to find a little treasure like this and brought back some of the excitement.
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  4. Thanks lazzeri! Been looking for something like this and not having any luck. More business coming their way...
  5. Congratulations, the Channel F is a cool historical piece of hardware, with a lot of character -- the 8-track carts, smoked plexiglass cover, and of course the controllers. The games are pretty simple and good for short bursts, but still entertaining. 2-player Drag Strip is a lot of fun!
  6. Looking at the Service Manual (https://archive.org/details/Fairchild_VES_Service_Manual_1976_Fairchild) and comparing your screenshots to theirs, it seems to point to the PSU, which is ROM chip SL31253 (PSU = Program Storage Unit). It sounds like you already ruled out a bad connection by cleaning and re-seating it. The chip itself could be bad, I don't know if there's an easy way to get a replacement other than scavenging one from another Channel F.
  7. Hello, The Power supply output voltages are: Red/Yellow - 15V.A.C. - 3.75VA Blue/White - 10V.A.C. - 16.5VA
  8. Yeah that is interesting about the board colors, I wonder why. If you need schematics the VES wiki has a lot of great info if you haven't come across it yet -- http://channelf.se/veswiki/index.php?title=Main_Page I'm a 70's kid and had a 2600 for my first console, but I had never heard of the Channel F until a couple of years ago. It's been fun to discover it for the first time and learn about it. Good luck!
  9. Count me in as a future customer if you produce another run of multi-carts. Thank you
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