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  1. Hey, AtariAge! I come with more scans that I notice aren't in AtariMania. Recently purchased a lot of 3 games, a 4 Jogos cart by Dactar, Dragon Fire by JVP and Space Robot by Goliath (missing a label, it was cheaper than the others.) The 4 Jogos game by Dactar is the green label variation, with the contact info on the end label and the green font. Mine contains "Skiing, Tennis, Free-Way, Boxing." It's in NTSC format. The Dragon Fire game by JVP is I believe the standard variation, with art of two games on the front with the text "JVP Video Game" and "Video game cartridge made in Brazil." The back has a nice line of raised plastic which looks pretty "futuristic." It's also NTSC. The Space Robot game by Goliath (scans not listed) is standard and is missing the front label. PAL format. All together, they cost about $45 USD, and all work perfectly. I've attached scans of both Dragon Fire and the 4 in 1, as well as screenshots. Notice all four games on the multicart were rebranded as "Dactari." This brings up the question: was there a ROM made with just "Dactar," or was everything under the "Dactari" handle? The end label of the Dactar multicart says: MILMAR IND. COM. LTDA. C. G. C. 45.468.261/0001-79 Would this be a contact number, or a model number, or something else? Any questions, feel free to ask, Bizarre Bootlegs
  2. The first part out of 4 reviewing the far left dip-switch is out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyR4xhE_HN0
  3. The seller who sold me this is also selling a bunch of other cartridges, including Fantastic Game and more VCase bootlegs. A total cost of the ones I want to buy is 125 euros, or $136.49. Would immediately buy them but don't have the money right now The seller ships pretty quickly and cheaply (15 euros) considering it's from Spain, the one I have came in like 1 and a half weeks. 1. A Fantastic Game cart with 6 dip-switches (possibly 64 games?) 2. A "128 in One" V-Case 3. and what appears to be two copies of "128 in 1 Game" V Case
  4. Ah, okay. Sounded similar. Now I really need to find out how to dump it
  5. I do remember seeing a few of those games on there, like Pac Kong and "Teeth Brush" I mistakenly referred to Teeth Brush as Tooth Protectors while playing the game which I'll have to correct in editing. Still trying to beat the first level of Bi! Bi! ​
  6. It took a little bit of resetting to get to it, but yeah, the tune matches with your 208 multicart. Here, I put it in a video: https://youtu.be/TPGIBrHMNcU By the way, I am making a three-part series of reviewing every game on there, they're short reviews, maybe 30 seconds. So far it took about an hour to play all the games in the first dipswitch, which included some interesting hacks, maybe 1 or 2 bad ROMs and such. It's gonna take an insane time to render though. Also, I will try to get a game list to you, but I'm gonna need some help since I've got rather limited experience with European/hacked games.
  7. Thanks, Rom Hunter. I also found out an odd hack of River Raid published by "Galaga" on there in which the bridge was just a bunch of gray blocks. It played normally, though.
  8. Thanks, atari181. Now I just have to figure out how to get something I can dump the ROM on.
  9. I've sit down and played it for about 30 minutes. It's nearly impossible to find the same game twice which is making it very hard to review; also, one single ROM repeats itself many times in all 3 dip-switches. I'd imagine there are actually 160 games there, but very poorly organized and not easily found. Another ridiculous thing is when the dip-switch is at the far-right position, you will eventually find a ROM of the menu screen used in the 208-in-1 Super 2600 multicart, and when you select a game it restarts, it literally does nothing. Also, when hooked to the color TV I can't adjust the V-Hold in, it actually shows more unique games than the B&W portable TV I use so I can adjust the V-hold. Don't know if that's coincidence or some magic stuff. I am editing the review for my YouTube channel, however the gameplay footage is over 40 minutes long and is about 5 gigs large. It will take a little while to render.
  10. Hey, AtariAge. I'm a new user who has always had a small collection of 2600 games, usually very common NTSC ones I just enjoyed playing. Recently I've gotten into more serious collecting and have a few Quelle games and this oddity. I purchased it from Spain for about 50 euros. It came cartridge-only, without a box or game list. What I find most interesting is that I cannot find an entry for it on Atarimania. I have seen a few 160 multicarts online but with different labels and no dip-switch on the front. Now, let's get to the physical description. It has one single dip-switch on the front, which can be switched 3 ways. I don't know if there's 3 ROMs in the cart, or what the significance of the switch is. I would open up the cart and find out but the label's in good condition and I'd hate to ruin it. What I find interesting is that the label dips down a bit in 5 little sections which means that the same shell was probably used for 32-in-1 carts with actual dip-switches. Also, it takes a little wiggling to get into my Atari. It might just be the console, or the circuitboard. To select the game, you select a mode with the dipswitch and turn the Atari on and off until you find a game you like. What's annoying is that since I don't have a list it's like blindly grabbing a 2600 game from a box of them. So far I've seen Spiderman, Alien's Return, and some interesting European games I haven't seen before. I've attached scans for future reference and to aid Rom Hunter in his quest for HQ scans, and also a size comparison with a standard NTSC Tennis cart. For anyone with experience with PAL carts: is it standard for the front label to be pointing towards the end-label, instead of the cartridge slot like NTSC games? The two Quelle games I own and this multicart have their labels like this. Also, how much would this be valued at? Also, if someone can aid me on how to dump the ROM I'd be very appreciative. Thanks, BizarreBootlegs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKZ_Gwx3k3OAJ7tMNR05dQQ
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