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  1. I noticed that some shameless person, sells freeware TRS-80 emulator (sdltrs) for raspberry pi. Here are the links for that emulator, don't buy from a fraudster who wants to make money, at the expense of someone else's work. https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1tryGM5moPB3QdG82JnBbce1Z05k7ZjbM&export=download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PNj38yyr6xqlXf7ni9RQFNFJXTOaQH5k/view?usp=sharing
  2. A few days ago a friend sent me links to a few Raspberry Pi emulators he bought on ebay as a digital download. I looked at the Apple II emulator and realized that it was just a standard linapple emulator taken from Retropie and put into a Raspbian startup sequence. There is no reason for anyone to take money from Apple fans for software that the original authors intended to be free. So, here's the download link I got, you can freely download, record on a micro sd card and use it on your rapberry pi if you like. https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1ywZ9JV9j6vbwIc7cqsNSSOtCljuvlCKD&export=download
  3. A few days ago a friend sent me links to a few Raspberry Pi emulators he bought on ebay as a digital download. I looked at the Atari XL/XE emulator and realized that it was just a standard Atari800 emulator taken from Retropie and put into a Raspbian startup sequence. There is no reason for anyone to take money from Atari fans for software that the original authors intended to be free. So, here's the download link I got, you can freely download it, record it on a micro sd card and use it on your rapberry pi if you like. https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1Q1RMgF0MCxV1snqVGhQkIeiviJbY6Ma1&export=download
  4. Hi, I would like to introduce Retro Computer System, a comprehensive collection of retro computer emulators, for Raspberry Pi 2 or Pi 3 with huge number of software titles. Indiegogo campaign starts next week, more info and video reviews here: https://www.indiegogo.com/project/coming_soon/preview/ad330d08 (Amiga) (Commodore C64, Commodore Plus 4, Tandy Color Computer, Dragon 32, Macintosh) (Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari 8-bit, Atari ST, BBC Micro) (TRS-80, ZX Spectrum, ZX 81) (Acorn Atom, Acorn Electron) RCS currently supports about 80 different home computers from mid 70's up to early 90's. Here's a complete list of supported models: Acorn: Atom, Electron, BBC B, BBC B+, BBC Master Amiga: All official models Amstrad CPC: 464, 664, 6128, PC 1512 Apple: Apple II, Macintosh, Macintosh II Atari 8bit: 400, 800, 600XL, 800XL, 1200XL, 65XE, 130XE Atari ST: ST, STe, TT, Falcon Commodore: C64 (with ReSID), C128, C16, Plus4, VIC-20, PET Tandy: Color Computer, TRS-80 Dragon Data: Dragon 32/64 ASCII: MSX 1, MSX 2 Oric: Oric 1, Atmos, Pravetz IBM: PC, PCjr, XT, AT, 286, 386, 486 Miles Gordon: Sam Coupe Texas Instrumets: TI-99/4A Sinclair: ZX Spectrum 48k, 128k, +2, +3, +2A, ZX 81, ZX 80 and variuos clones Others: Jupiter Ace, Aquarius, Galaksija, Orion, Orao, Lynx, Lola 8A, Pecom 64, Sharp MZ-700 Stay tuned!
  5. Its a shame, that converter is not a bit better. Then, emulator could launch many more games on cartridges. I dont have enough knowledge to make such a modification, but maybe someone does it once...
  6. From what I saw, he doesnt support F18 mode. Thanks. Definitely, cartridges version is worth to try and I'll be happy to play at Classic99 emulator. The main reason why I use TI99Sim is because he is the only choice for Raspberry Pi.
  7. Thanks for the answers, now I know what kind of limitations TI99Sim has. I tried Rock Runner as well as Titanium in F18 mode, but it doesnt work, so obviously hybrid modes isnt supported. Just small question about SabreWulf. I use demo version dsk file dated at 10/30/2014 and I wonder what is main differencies from the final version? Is it possible to finish disk version or its incomplete game?
  8. Its quite possible that this is a problem. I noticed that all successfully converted cartridges have 2 ROM banks. Here is example of convert-CTG output: Title: EXTENDED BASIC V2.5 Groms: 3 4 5 6 7 2 banks of ROM at 6000 2 banks of ROM at 7000 In case when I try to convert Sabrewulf kartridge, I dont have last two lines, converter app crashed and produce corrupted and unusable ctg file. Does this mean that it is completely impossible to run Sabrewulf on TI99sim or is still possible to somehow get valid ctg ? I have tried this demo and it works well I think, it gives me small multicolour circles on black background, with sound, looks like game of life... But also true is, that TI99Sim have compatibility issues with some of your games: Bouncy - doesnt work, corrupted main screen, unable to start game. Titanium - bottom half of screen is messed up, preety much unplayable. TI Scramble - mostly work good, have problem with autofire rockets. Flappy Bird, Sabre Wulf (disk demo version), JSW, Road Hunter and Sports, works fine. Sabre Wulf is my favorite game and I really would like to use the full version, which exists only on the cartridge. Since I can not convert a cartridge, is there a possibility that the final version be made in DSK format?
  9. Is there a way that the cartridge with this game converts and start on Ti99Sim emulator? I tried to do that with convert-ctg utility, but without success. Any hint?
  10. Yes, you right, latest windows instalation is v0.0.10, but this version is less compatible than latest one. In meantime I managed to run Sabrewulf (dsk demo), but still cant find a way to convert full version on cartridge in ctg format. I used above windows version for conversion, but convert-ctg command doesnt make valid ctg file. Has anyone tried and successfully convert this cartridge into ti99sim format?
  11. Well, disk controller certainly works, but I have a problem runing some newer games, like for example, Sabre Wulf, Flappy Bird, Jet Set Willy neither from disk or cartridges. Also cant convert in ctg format cartridge games like Alex Kid, 8in1, etc. I'm not sure if this is a compatibility problem of emulator itself or something else. Perhaps, if someone has the time to test and confirm this, because in windows emulator Classic99, these games work perfectly.
  12. Well, you can always use this binary package from author web page. http://www.mrousseau.org/programs/ti99sim/archives/ti99sim-0.12.1.armhf.tar.gz Unpack archive to sd card and follow this instructions to obtain roms. http://www.mrousseau.org/programs/ti99sim/README.html http://atariage.com/forums/topic/232622-raspberry-pi-and-emulation/ It work out of the box, no need to compile on anything, I tried on my rpi2, just put the TI-994A.ctg in roms folder. btw, if someone tried Flappy bird on ti99sim, It seems that is not working properly?
  13. Man, you save my day! What actually happened? I found on the Internet zip archive with system ROMs in ctg format and I used them. TI994A rom and speech rom worked well and I assumed that ti-disk.ctg file is also correct. However, it turned out, that this file is somehow broken or corrupted and therefore drive support is not working. I just did the conversion and now everything works flawlessly. Thank you for the tip, now I can enjoy in whole range of software on TI disk images with my RPI2.
  14. In the meantime, I tried to convert dsk image in another format (PC99, v9t9 etc), but still without success. Did anyone ever get to the emulator works with floppy disks or this feature does not work properly in the RPI version at all? I tried both version one with binaries and other compile from source, but the result is the same. I'm running out of ideas and I can only ask someone who has this emulator on Rpi2, to try and let us know what happens. Cartridges work normally, but attaching disk image does not work and I always get the message I / O error 00 while reading dir, or I / O error 60 if I try to save something.
  15. Hello everyone, I installed this great emulator on my Raspberry Pi 2, but I have a problem how to attach and use the floppy dsk image. Whether someone can say which is the correct syntax, because obviously I'm wrong somewhere. I have used the following example: ti99sim-sdl -f --dsk1=games.dsk xbasic.ctg but never able to load something from the disk, I always get I/O error. Is there any command in basic or some other way, to check first whether the floppy disk is properly attached or not?
  16. Thank you so much, your xb25.ctg file work well and now I can use extended basic. The problem is, how to insert the disk drive image properly? For example, I have directory master disk image (dm.dsk) and I want to insert into virtual drive together with your extended basic cartridge. I use following command: ti99sim-sdl --dsk1=dm.dsk xb25.ctg Emulator started normally, the cartridge is present, but can not load anything from diskettes, nor am I sure whether it is attached well. If I type the command OLD "dsk1.MGR1" I always occurs I/O error. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, this disk also has a file LOAD, which allows autostart, but I cant find a way how to use this feature too. Maybe someone knows how to properly use a floppy disk with this emulator?
  17. Hi, I try to use Extended Basic cartridges (xb.ctg and gkxb.ctg) from your archive, but it doesnt work and always get me a blue screen and stuck there. Editor-Assembler and games work well, but Extended basic refuse to start, for some reason. I use Linux version of this emulator (ti99sim). In windows emulator classic99, Extended basic works, but I cant find him in .bin format and tryin to convert in ctg. Simply I dont know is this some emulator issue or maybe broken or incompatible cartridges? Can you help me with this to make Extended Basic to work? Thanks.
  18. Well, I did, but he also does not run properly Project-M 2.0, colors are messed up on the same way as with Atari800 emulator.
  19. I use Raspbian Linux on Raspberry Pi 2 and Wine does not support Arm processor, thats why is Atari800 emulator only choice I have. I was hoping that Project-M author may be able to make a proper version that on Atari800/Win Plus emulator. He offered something like this earlier in thread and I hope that such a thing is possible...
  20. Hi, This is my first post here and I want to wish Happy new year to all. I really like this Wolf3D project on Atari, but I have problem running it with Atari800 emulator under Raspbian Linux on Raspberry Pi. Colors are messed up and doesnt looks like on a real machine. It is interesting that the first version (Project-M1) shows the correct colors. Does this game works properly only on Altrira emulator and whether it can somehow make it to work properly with Atari800 emulator, which is my only choice on Linux?
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