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  1. Did you play PITFALL! on Pyuuta? If no, then I can send you one ; ) http://d.hatena.ne.jp/tanam/20170305/1488681650 Thanks, tanam
  2. Hi I've ported G-BASIC YAKYUKEN to RAM & ROM Cartridge2 and SEGA MEGADRIVE with GCC. http://www.geocities.jp/parallel_computer_inc/yakyuken.zip The source code is available ; ) tanam
  3. This is a homebrew for the jp original pyuuta by mr tiny-yarou in 2017. And I've made the binary patch for us tutor. The source code is not available in public.
  4. US TUTOR == JP mk2 : BIOS is same hash. And they need magic number to boot 32K cart. Pyuuta and Jr don't need. 5344 BYTE >00,>02,>20,>34 Pyuuta Jr has parallel joypad. I've wrote 2 codes for scanning joypad. Please check bellow. http://d.hatena.ne.jp/tanam/20170305/1488681650
  5. TMS9995 is faster than TMS9900, I wrote NOP before accessing VDP. And I've made PITFALL! debug version. http://www.geocities.jp/parallel_computer_inc/pitfalldbg.zip I think so too. If TI's source code is available, then it's not difficult converting TI to TUTOR ; )
  6. And you can play TI SCRAMBLE now. I can play it on japanese pyuuta and ePyuta. http://d.hatena.ne.jp/tanam/20170415/1492218987
  7. Finally, It works on japanese tomy pyuuta, jr and mk2. Maybe work on tutor.
  8. Hi I've made RAM & ROM Cartridge for Original Pyuuta. You can play on ePyuta now. http://d.hatena.ne.jp/tanam/20171230/1514598212 TINY BASIC Pitfall! Door Door tanam
  9. Thank you so much. I've bought one from Arcadeshopper.com with VISA
  10. pyuuta cartridge pin out http://www43.tok2.com/home/cmpslv/PyuutaJR/EnrPtj.htm pyuuta emulator http://takeda-toshiya.my.coocan.jp/pyuta/index.html I've made 8k cartridge with KiCad http://www.geocities.jp/parallel_computer_inc/cart.html And I've made RAM & ROM cartridge, too. It also can run 32k cartride. http://d.hatena.ne.jp/tanam/20170304/1488595954 Thanks
  11. Thanks a lot! You've understood everythig. But real pyuuta is freezing in title. I think pyuuta is slower than ti-99/4a. Mmm.
  12. Sorry, it's running only on emulaters now. Maybe pyuuta is slower than ti-99/4a. The source and binary are uploded on my website. it takes just one day to convert. Thanks
  13. Hi! I've ported to japanese tomy pyuuta. http://d.hatena.ne.jp/tanam/20170305/1488681650
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