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  1. Maybe you could utilize the button, e.g. for a different radius or double step rotation. The size of the dot could also change when pressed. And there could be discs you have to collect.
  2. It usually costs ~80 Euro Germany (~120 CAD), but sometimes there are deals for 50 Euro (~80 CAD). Maybe you can find something similar in Canada too.
  3. No definite plans, but probably this year.
  4. Because you can't. The R77 is totally different to a 2600. There is a whole computer inside, which runs programs just like your smartphone or PC does. And in case of the R77, the program is the Stella emulator. You could only use the R77 case and try to somehow squeeze in the complete 2600 hardware. But why would anyone want to do that?
  5. Forget the cartridge port, it is just a marketing gimmick. If it works (rarely), all it does is to dump the cart and provide the result to the Stella emulator.
  6. Changes are explained here. Dead zones have been implemented for the next release.
  7. The problem is most likely always the same. Starting with 4.0 Stella switched to SDL2, which uses hardware acceleration. And that's where driver support breaks frequently. @DirtyHairy went great lengths to get this working for the R77. Else it would be still stuck with Stella 3.9.3.
  8. So there were 3 different PAL versions and only one NTSC version? What does that say about the target markets?
  9. IMO it is sufficient to name the tools you need for assembling. If this is an old DASM version, that's fine.
  10. That' like wanting to replace the display of a modern TV with a cathode ray tube.
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