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  1. Thanks for the link. For whatever reason (no shipping to Germany?), the result does not show up for me when I search for the title key words.
  2. Ich stand zu der Zeit z.B. auf Dire Straits, Eurythmics, Pretenders und Tears For Fears. Aber die Russen sind ja weltweit für ihren guten Geschmack bekannt.
  3. I really like Dan's attitude, staying within self imposed limits.
  4. Zeropage Homebrew will be streaming live from PRGE at Sunday (starting around noon).
  5. That list is wonderful, but it relies on the effort of a single person. IMO it a collaborative approach with a dedicated website where everyone (or multiple, selected people) can edit and also upload extra material (ROMs, screenshots and videos, instructions etc.) would be even better and also future proof.
  6. Before you put too much work into the extra 3 bytes: I am now pretty sure that these bytes are superfluous and their influence on 0xffc..0xffe is most likely wrong. Instead I found that the byte at 0xffc is always set to 0, no matter which slice is put into the last segment. Now I am only looking for an explanation why this byte is set to 0. I suppose this must be a technical issue, the game never addresses that byte. Also slices 2 and 3 seem reversed in the dump (and current implementations).
  7. A page with links to all the homebrew threads would be helpful. The problem is, who will maintain that? Maybe a Wiki would be the best option here. Also, a lot of projects stall or die in the process, so there would have to be some aging to the WIP entries. And if e.g. one year without progress has passed, the project should be categorized as e.g. "on-hold".
  8. This will not be possible without a major rewrite.
  9. You should have used the Time Machine instead. That's much easier.
  10. Why don't you use the special Harmony ROM batari posted?
  11. I was able to build up on the findings of other people. The PP cart was known for quite some time and even repros have been released. So the bankswitching scheme was well known and even implemented and documented in Stella already.
  12. Or not. For 0x33 and 0x33b and via 2nd segment, it allows access to the first 128 bytes of slice 4. So it has the same function as the 1st segment for slice 0.
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