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  1. Yes, the fate of the little robots has touched me a lot too. Actually I had completely forgotten about what happened to the humans.
  2. Loved Silent Running back then. Actually it may have played a major role in forming view of the world. The music may have played a role too. It was part of a series of really good (as far as I remember, I was about 12 years old) scifi movies which were aired at late Friday evenings. Very dystopian ones like Soylent Green, Planet of the Apes, Omega Man (a mediocre one), The Andromeda Strain, Phase IV...
  3. That's the most likely explanation, IMO. A paddle cannot work like a driving controller, there would be hefty input jumps once each turn.
  4. "Video game giant Atari" In which century do these people live?
  5. Nice game. If you enable "Delayed VDEL... swap for Players" in Stella's Developer TIA options, the rightmost score digit shows a glitch. This might show on the @ZeroPage Homebrew console too.
  6. Found myself disliking FC Barcelona for the first time ever. Must be their new coach...

  7. Because it gets political and almost religious easily. Today it has become hard to discuss based on real facts. But this is thread is getting into dangerous territory now.
  8. Being a football fan, I dislike orange too.
  9. Too bad. Now I can never go back just to find myself being right every time.
  10. For a good reason. Such discussions get heated and personal extremely fast. Many people are unable to accept loosing an argument.
  11. Maybe you could revert that and make it read only. Just for historical reasons.
  12. Some people would call that a political statement.
  13. It is neutral but still political related. Hard to draw any other line.
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