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  1. Regarding Sentinel: The manual states: Has anyone an idea where to find these secret places?
  2. Thanks for the hint. I just added some code for light gun games which ties the cursor visibility to grab mouse mode. So you can switch visibility with CTRL+G.
  3. River Raid, Cosmic Ark, H.E.R.O., Demon Attack and some two player games like Ice Hockey, Warlords...
  4. Well, Al has been doing his "mass production" based on used carts for years.
  5. The ARM based games won't work unless they are adapted for the different CPU of the UnoCart.
  6. Sorry, UINavPrev and UINavNext are code variables. You can find them in (Advanced)Options/Input/UI Events named PageUp and PageDown.
  7. You have to map UINavPrev and UINavNext to the axis you want to use for paging.
  8. You can twist your hand only so much without stress, so a quarter turn seems like a good value.
  9. Currently the aim points are already adjusted per game. Light Guns are notoriously unprecise, its not surprising that you have to adjust your aim point even during a game. So what you are experiencing is only the tip of the iceberg.
  10. BTW: Did anyone test Light Gun games with the RC? You can play them with a mouse now.
  11. The owner has changed to BBG Entertainment. Maybe that opens new possibilities like it does for Boulder Dash?
  12. The Pause after rewind is intentional, so that you can rewind multiple times. IIRC the menu is indeed the only way to exit here by default (ran out of options). But you can remap if you prefer a different setup.
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