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  1. Me too! I plan to a add a simple AI for the cars which have no driver. Then, when you start a new game, all players have to press their buttons within a few seconds. The remaining cars become AI driven. BTW: You monitor or camera seem to have a heavy blue tint.
  2. Cool! But don't expect too much. There are still a lot of things missing. And to fix (e.g. the cars coming to a full stop if you brake too much). BTW: I suppose I will name it only VROOM! (without the 8 ). Or VROOOOOOOOM!
  3. After having a coarse idea for an one button racing game, I went ahead and started coding. The current result is nowhere near to being complete, but I think it is good enough for a first impression. On real hardware it works with a QuadTari and four(!) sets of paddles, from which only the buttons are used. Gameplay: Press the button while your car is over the boost arrows. The arrows will turn your car's color if done right and black if you missed them. The former will accelerate your car, the latter will brake. There is no end to the game yet, you can only try to take the lead. BTW: During coding, I found that the latest Stella 6.5.2 still is missing some QuadTari support. Paddles aren't working as expected. But you can use Joysticks with directions left/right instead. Default mappings for 3rd and 4th controller are the identical to 1st and 2nd controller, but with Shift pressed. And since my QuadTari is still shipping, testing is a bit hard currently. Vroom 8! (v0.2) (PAL60).bin Vroom 8! (v0.2).bin
  4. I went back several versions (until 4.7.2) and this demo never worked in Stella. It uses some TIA tricks which are not emulated in Stella. @DirtyHairy Do you want to have a look? Should we create an issue?
  5. Trackballs are not listed as compatible on the QuadTari website. But I think they should work. Then multiple trackballs hacks should work too. if there is enough CPU time during kernel display.
  6. I created a non-playable demo of my simple, eight player, one button racing game. Gameplay (not implemented yet): When the button is pressed and the car is over the boost arrows, the car accelerates. When the button is pressed and the car is not over the boost arrows, the car brakes. When no button is pressed, the car slows down gradually. The horizontal position of the car signals the position in the race. Also it requires the reaction of the leading players to be faster. Currently the difference per position is half the car width, this may change, even while the game is played. Vroom 8! (v0.1).bin
  7. Are you pointing the Image path in the Launcher settings to the correct directory?
  8. Brainstorming: A one button, eight players racing game might work. Either eight horizontal or vertical lanes (one for each player) or a circuit layout with 8 different starting positions. The track consists out of two (maybe three) types of zones (accelerate, brake, (neutral)). When you press the button, the zone you are currently on gets active. So you have to time your button presses so that you hit the accelerate zones and avoid the brake zones. In case of separate lanes, you race towards the checkered flag. In case of a circuit, you try to catch and eliminate your opponent ahead.
  9. A simple hack: Use EOR BEQ/BNE instead of CMP BEQ/BNE. This has two advantages which might be useful: A is 0 if equal The C and V flags are not changed
  10. The same would work with the missiles and the ball, and playfield of course. And you could read NUSIZx registers that way too, also some bits of CTRLPF. Reading RESMx is also possible. And you could use the VDELed shadow registers and gain another 16 bits! Plus one bit from the ball. There was a thread about this somewhere on AtariAge.
  11. Not feasible with the QuadTari. Only the buttons would be supported.
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