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  1. Received mine today. Thank you for this exellent work and all these little details as holograms on the cartridge and the box.it is perfect 😀
  2. I received my package today.Everything is perfect like every time.Thank you Gaz 😀
  3. got shipping infos too,thank you 😀
  4. Great news email sent Thank you Gaz & CJ for theses new games and nice videos
  5. I received my package today too. Thanks a lot to Gaz & CJ also
  6. great news,I can't wait to see this compilation on cart
  7. I restart my search, I still believe in Santa Claus. Maybe he can drop me one under the Christmas tree
  8. nice discount for international shipping ordered
  9. Hi all, I am looking for these 2 accessories ( Scatlogic ScatBox & ScatBox Deluxe ) for my jaguar. If you have a full if possible to sell, thank you to contact me thank you
  10. great news,thanks for update Gaztee
  11. I renew my search, still not found ScatoLOGIC ScatBox.I do not despair, so if one of you has one for sale, I am taker
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