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  1. They aren't all on Asimov. I have been looking for a CP/M boot disk for the Apple IIGS 3.5" floppy for years and have never found one.
  2. The only danger is accidentally getting a Commodore 128 power supply, which looks identical but will fry your computer...
  3. Ok well saying there are "No" use cases was probably too absolute, but I don't think there are enough of them to make an accelerator rational 🙂 Like I am sure some flight sims would be smoother with a faster processor, etc. but the vast majority of games would be less playable/too fast. I can see using an accelerator on the IIgs for sure, which runs GS/OS pretty slowly, but I was referring to earlier Apple II models.
  4. I would like an Apple II accelerator. There are no practical use cases for this, all games are optimized to run at 1Mhz, but for some reason having an accelerator just seems cool. No one is still running Visicalc or writing novels on Apple II's so accelerators are completely irrational, but I still want one.
  5. By far my favorite old computer for Word Processing is the Apple //c - Silent operation except when loading and saving files - Sharp 80 column monochrome display - Excellent ALPS mechanical keyboard - Relatively compact - Nice selection of Word Processors An old PC or Mac would be better for ease of file exchange using floppies, but if you run them with period correct hard drives and fans they will be noisy!
  6. Long shot but maybe someone here has one sitting around. I am in NJ. Broken and yellowed is fine, I like fixing and retrobrighting.
  7. To be fair all of the more sophisticated systems require a lot of fiddling to use the whole software library (Macintosh, ST, IBM PC), but I guess I am just attracted to the simplicity of the C64 where a stock unit with a disk or tape drive can run the entire software library so long as a dongle wasn't required. No configuration, etc. From a collector stand point, extremely accessible. The Amiga is pretty tough for folks who never owned one. Even as a long time Amiga owner, I constantly rediscover things I knew about AmigaDOS back in the day that I had since forgotten. The biggest plus to Amiga collecting is some superb box art I suppose.
  8. The worst to collect for is the Amiga. So many incompatibilities. Want to run that public domain program? Oh it requires the AmigaDos Replacement Project libraries? What was that? AmigaDos 1.1 was so bad people took it upon themselves to write their own improved libraries. AmigaDos 1.3 and especially 2.0 made ARP unnecessary, but 2.0 broke a bunch of games. Oh you have an accelerator, out of luck half your programs won't work. You are pretty much stuck running cracked programs in WHDLoad. Blech.
  9. Technically it’s just a Sega (or Spectravideo).
  10. All it had were Character Graphics like the PET. The first model came out in 1979 so obviously they copied the graphics characters directly from Commodore.
  11. I have one currently on offer to eightbit, if he isn’t interested I will ping you. I have a 13” that is really convenient, it even has digital RGB for the C128/CGA.
  12. I live in central NJ and have a Sony PVM that accepts PAL and NTSC. It also has digital RGB if you want to hook it to a C128 or CGA card! I am reluctant to let it go, but I’m trying to reduce the number of CRTs I have. What do you have to trade?
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