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  1. At the time the console was bundled with Super Mario World AND Super Mario Kart! I would've been crazy to pass that up! 😁
  2. Congrats on snagging one, I've been looking for the Route 66 title for the longest time. As long as the lights, sound, electronic scoreboard, spinners and scoring work, you should be good to go. The company would place spare parts inside the machine/cabinet (such as a spare spinner) in the event the ones on the playfield went bad. Saitek released a few more of these machines with other different racing themes (but identical playfields). You can take a look at the video link below which will show you everything that's supposed to be working. This is their 'F1 Super Challenge' game (like I said, identical playfield just different theme art)- F1 Super Challenge Pinball
  3. Bumping this once in the event that anyone who can help hasn't seen this post yet. 🙂
  4. Hey guys, I have Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams for the Sega Saturn (PAL region). I've been looking for Action Replay codes to use with the game, but I'm unable to find any. I've seen NTSC US and JP codes for the title, but none for the PAL version. Any idea where I can find them? Thanks in advance.
  5. If you're still curious about rechargeable AA batteries, the only batteries I ever use in my Atari Lynx are the Energizer recharge universal NimH AA batteries. I've never had any issues with them.
  6. There's also the tabletop electronic game version by Gakken called 'Paint Roller'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_vekizPmwo
  7. Survival Horror- Deep Fear, Resident Evil Platformer- Astal, Clockwork Knight 2, Burning Rangers Fighting- Last Bronx, Dragon Ball Z Shin Butouden RPG- Panzer Dragoon Saga, Shining Force III (tactical role playing game)
  8. Your kids would definitely be interested in Clocktower (SNES). It's a point and click survival horror game where you play an adopted orphan who moves into a new house that's occupied by supernatural entities and murderers.
  9. I used to own a (Revision 2) Zizzle Marvel machine, but there were so many design flaws with it that I didn't keep it- sold it as quickly as I could. That's how much of a bad impression it made with me. I get far more enjoyment out of the Tomy 'American Pinball' tabletop machine because it's built with more care than what Zizzle attempted. If I were to go with Brunswick my top choice would be 'Circus', followed by 'Alive' and 'Aspen'. I'm also interested in picking up 'Route 66' by Saitek.
  10. Thanks for the link Cammy! I did do some further research on the game and it seems that it's far too easy to accumulate multiple lives, making this a game that's too easy to play. Can you confirm? simbalion never did show us what the 'Battle of the Gods' Coleco machine looked like, but I did come across this- the only image I've ever seen of the pinball machine. I see two flippers on the playfield but due to their placement I can only assume there's 4 in total, with the other two being just above the drain/outhole.
  11. Owned the Jurassic Park LCD game when I was younger. Limited enjoyment with that one. Have to hand it to Tiger, they were very effective in flooding the market with their LCD games and successfully managed to snag a lot of TV and movie licenses. Archive.org's helped me play some of the titles I was curious about. Their 'Back To The Future' game is actually surprisingly enjoyable even in this day and age. What's even more impressive is the diverse range of gaming products Tiger had. Everyone knows about their common LCD games but there was also their R-Zone gaming system (which tried emulating NIntendo's Virtual Boy), their '99x Games' line which had tech similar to their Game.com console, and the 'Midway Arcade Games' which were like mini arcade machines with a flip top (but whose tech was also similar to their Game.com console). I did love what other manufacturers were able to put out. MGA had a lot of interesting LCD handheld games including Mappy, and Konami's Ninja Turtles games are still great. The VFD tabletop machines like Q*Bert, Frisky Tom and Frogger are also a joy to play.
  12. Tartfox

    Wyvern Tales

    Hey Ninjabba, guess what? Engadget wrote an article/review about your game. https://www.engadget.com/2018/05/21/wyvern-tales-lynx-homebrew-jrpg-irl/
  13. Not sure if this was intentional or a bug- normally, once all monsters are killed in a battle you immediately go to the 'Victory!' screen, but if poisoned during a battle you're still able to cast the antidote spell on yourself or another party member even after all monsters have died and left the playing field. The victory screen is delayed until you do. Another thing I've noticed is that while the Goddess statue and the woman in the bar can fully replenish your HP and MP, ailments can't be cured this way- you'll have to use items or magic for that.
  14. I hear you about the kick out holes. The Tomy tabletop pinball machines (like Astro Shooter and American Pinball) are, in my opinion, some of the closest examples that one can get to a full size pinball machine thanks to them having many of the perks including the reactive bumpers, kick out holes, a left orbit that leads to a cellar hole that shoots out the ball after racking up huge points, etc. I wish Tomy had continued making them with more revisions and new playfields. If there isn't a way to stop the onslaught of extra lives in Star Galaxy, then I imagine it'd take a while for the 2nd player to get a turn, Lol. By any chance do you have, or heard of, the Saitek pinball machines like Route 66? I've been looking for one of those as well.
  15. Tartfox

    Wyvern Tales

    Mine took a week and a half to reach me in the United States. I chose the regular shipping method so as to avoid getting a crushed box. I agree necrocia, I am very impressed with the packaging. The box, manual and cart are all wonderfully made. A lot of care went into making this a professional release.
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