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  1. It's called: Pac-Man Eats A Cheese A Hack of Mouse Trap! Pac-Man Eats Cheese (Mouse Trap Hack).a26
  2. Is there a program to draw a picture, convert pics and animate on Atari 2600 and save it to ROM (.bin or .a26)?
  3. And how can i edit sprites on Atari 2600 Roms?
  4. Who is the best Atari 2600 ROM Hack Program?? And how can i edit sprites on Atari 2600 Roms?
  5. How to code a Atari 8bit demo like this?? Load a Koala Paint Picture (.PIC), add a scrolltext and add a music?
  6. What is the program to make animations from KoalaPad Pictures for Atari 8-bit??
  7. I created a disk drive called: PICS.ATR on drive 2 using Atari800Win, i'm using Koala Painter to draw a picture and when i save a picture: ''D2:(PICNAME)'' it says ''DEVICE NOT FOUND''!!! PLEASE HELP!!!
  8. What is the program to make a Atari 8-bit Slideshows??? And, is Koala Painter (aka Koala Micro Illustrador) pictures is allowed on Atari 8-bit Slideshow??
  9. Is there any Atari 8-bit paint program?? And how can i capture the mouse on Atari 8-bit Emulators??
  10. It is possible to make a Atari ST Picture Slideshow?? And is CyberPaint pictures allowed on Atari ST Slideshow??
  11. Is STOS video tutorial here?? If you find a video, please have a link!!!
  12. Can you please have a download link of DLT/SEQ Player?
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