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  1. I have several game disks (M.U.L.E. Archon, and SSI's Task Force) that will no longer boot and I would like to restore to working order again. What are some of the best methods, and which are easier? Some details: I have a working 800 and a 400 with 48K I have several 1050 working drives and ordered a Happy kit (it is still in it's bag). I have some utilities disks that may be of use, like Copymate 4.1, DOS 2.5, Indus Disk I have working copies of some of the disks (M.U.L.E. Archon) I have several of the disk files on my PC (somewhere) Any help would be appreciated. Mike
  2. I have an Indus GT Drive that powers up, but will not attempt to boot. No other issues, no physical damage. Any ideas on what to do next, or who might be able to repair it? This particular one used to work fine. I have checked the dip switches on the back - even moved them back and forth. First three are up. Mike
  3. I picked this up last year - mostly for the spring, hatch, and keyboard for another system. BUT - this one has a video port like the XLs and XEs AND has 48K. So - why fix a 16K when I use this? I plugged it in and it ate the power supply. It was working when I picked it up (local guy I trust), but something must have shifted. For sale: PARTS or the whole thing The lower case has a couple of cracks. The upper case has one mounting screw pylon that is cracked The hatch is discolored one of the pins broke off. I glued it back on and it seems quite stable. There is no spring/pin. It is missing several screws (they are around here.... somewhere) NO power supply (or you can have the one it ate). I can remove the display port from the lower case (yes, that is an egg carton - we raise chickens) Keyboard works (yes, it is... ugly). The boards were removed for photos, can be sold separately Since this is parts - please make an offer and let me know what all you'd like. Buyer pays shipping/handling Shipping from Huntersville, NC 28078
  4. @bfollowell Oh, the SEALED Power Supplies... I have a Vented PS, but have not yet come across it.
  5. Used to have a Logic Probe, currently only have a Multi Meter. Once I find the other power supply, I'll check it's outputs and then get started on some T/S. I'll post updates here.
  6. I may have a bad power supply that fried two of my 800 XLs. I checked the output last night and three of those blocks are putting out 5VAC, while a fourth is putting out 7.5VAC. I have another PS that is the vented type (somewhere), that I can hook up to them and test once more. IF this problem persists, is there a solution? Mike
  7. Wondering if I could purchase the 800 Keyboard missing parts from you. I'd pay shipping - and there's no rush at this point. Mine is missing the Escape key - it's just a hole! Or - just the Escape key and all its parts Mike
  8. Do the upgrade! See how she preforms! Poe
  9. Working! 16KB 2 Atari Joysticks 410 Cassette Drive TV converter switch Power supply (410 p/s is internal) Atari Cartridge Case (holds 6) Programs: States and Capitals (cassette, in box, with instructions) Cartridges: Asteroids Centipede Galaxian Pac Man Star Raiders Defender Other cartridges available Asking $120.00, and we can remove or add things to this lot. Buyer pays shipping and fees. I'll get the weight for this batch and post that soon. Shipping from Huntersville, NC 28078-3608
  10. I still look every so often. I'm about to purchase a Happy Upgrade. Would love to get a functional XF551. There's a few games that might grab my attention. Mike
  11. I'm short on 1050 Power Supplies, unfortunately.
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