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  1. It's rather funny, because the system has been hardly used in it's lifespan.
  2. Hi! I have an Atari 800XL. First time user. I am having an issue. POKEY sounds are VERY distorted. They seem to be playing just fine, but certain sounds are badly distorted. I hear that the stereo POKEY mod helps the sound, but I want to keep this machine mono, as it would be worthless upgrading a US machine to Stereo. I soldered the RCA jack to from audio to audio out and ground to ground on the DIN monitor pins. using the internal amp keeps the issues, even connecting DIRECTLY to the POKEY gives distortion. Using a 0.75uF bipolar cap doesn't help at all. low or high volume on speakers, still distortion. adding various resistors, still distortion, but the audio is quieter. I've enclosed a recording of Szczur, by Grzegorz Kwiatek, as this song is the best example for what I am expiriencing. Thanks. (Please not that I am a beginner with the Atari 8-bit line) Atari Distortion.mp3
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