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  1. Bought a Donkey Kong PK from tep392 supplied a donor Ball Blazer cart, and the transaction took just over a week. Game is awesome, game play is spot on. Highly recommend for any purchases. Thank You.
  2. Received my set of overlays today. Very professional, and awesome looking.
  3. Got the One Trak Adapter from BigO. Installation was a breeze, all done and said in about 15 minutes. Hooked the CX-53 to a 7800 and worked like a champ after getting the proper version of the hacked games. Anyone wanting to play a CX-53 trac-ball on the 2600 or 7800 should get one of these devices.
  4. If you are still taking orders, would you please put me down on the waiting list as well.
  5. I would also like to put my name in for a set of the 5200 overlays when they are available. Thanks
  6. Just got the Harmony Encore. What a great device to relive the days of yesterday. All the great games you played with your kids when they were young. Thanks for a fantastic device.
  7. Could be that your left/right dome switches have gone bad. After a lot of play time these dome switches tend to flatten out, or shift their position, so they don't make contact with the circuit board when the controller is toggled. You will need to open the controller to figure this out. It can be repaired, and there are a number of threads on the topic.
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