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  1. I'm waiting on one to build an AppleTI card.. no pressure though. 😄 I'm kidding of course, looking forward to a release. I would be happy with a VGA only release.
  2. This game looks amazing. It would have been groundbreaking back in the day.
  3. The board linked removes all of the complexities of a multi rom board. You don't need 3 roms for the Smurfs to work, you only need a 16k chunk of data, which can be accomplished with a single EPROM. This applies to all roms 32k or less. All of the wiring between chips is invisible to the Colecovision.
  4. Your best bet may be a 3rd party cart that had lower sales numbers. I've seen Sord M5 and Casio PV-2000 carts that contain EPROMs. There was probably a minimum purchase required for masked roms, which a smaller publisher wouldn't be comfortable with.
  5. Probably not, but I haven't tested it. As long as it is the same type of eprom and has the same number of pins, you can duplicate the data, and it will probably work. I was able to use a 27c256 in the place of a 27c64 when I was messing around with the Coleco BIOS. The available cartridge boards will only support up to 32k. I would suggest getting 28c256s. They are EEPROMs and work decently well. The 2 PROM boards should also support larger EPROMS, but you will still have to split the ROM into the original size. Another issue you could run into is the cartridge not being set up to accept 27 series EPROMS. The 3 chip Donkey Kong would be a good example of this.
  6. It's easier to order a set of boards. https://ebay.us/ASnj1W There is also one with a ZIF socket for easy testing.
  7. These are EBay inflated prices. Super Cassette Vision systems and software can still be found pretty cheap through Sendico, or similar services. You can often see where someone has taken the pictures from a Mercari listing and placed them on EBay at an inflated price. I'm pretty sure that's where mine came from. I saw a few listing with the same picture, and assumed it was from Super Potato or somewhere similar, but having spent a decent amount of time on Sendico, I see this all too often.
  8. They come up pretty consistently through Sendico, so it seems there is still a market for them. There's more under FM Towns, but there's certain software the Marty can't run because of it's limited memory. https://www.sendico.com/browse?category=&query=fm+towns+marty
  9. I bought both several years ago, and sold them off. I've repurchased a Marty.
  10. You can pre-order on Amazon Japan, but the shipping will be expensive. When I purchased a PC Engine mini, the shipping was almost offset by the exchange rate. I remember a lot of them having Neo Geo games on them in the early to mid 90s.
  11. I saw the x68000 and FM Towns Marty in Japan, in the 90's. I also bought one, and developed a game for it about 15 years ago. I've considered getting another one, but the repair horror stories have me reconsidering that decision.
  12. Yep, the RGB and CSync points are labeled on the board. I was just after a composite signal, and audio, I found those also.
  13. TMS-RGB will not work on either of the SG-1000 MK II systems I have. One has a TMS-9918, the other has a Sega custom chip. Luckily it was easy enough to mod the system for composite video, which was my initial goal. I will be trying to install one into a Dick Smith Wizzard next, which does have a TMS-9929, I believe.
  14. The 2nd PV-2000 is also working, but doesn't include a joystick, and includes a boxed game and a loose game. The keyboard film has been removed, cleaned, and replaced with a low quality printed sheet of paper. All of the keys are functional. The paper cover gets the job done, but would look better if it was replaced with a nice overlay. The price is $300 with shipping and insurance within the US. Shipping outside of the US will be more expensive. For shipping outside of the US, I would prefer to ship through DHL, due to the pandemic. Additional high res pictures can be viewed at: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1n46gQMHFr06eWxpThJkrwMz4byqmmiUj?usp=sharing The system includes a working power supply, a boxed games, and a loose game. It does not include an AV cable. It is a standard cable. I can provide one for $10, if you prefer. The game box is intact, but does show signs of moderate to heavy wear. Both games do work. It is fairly easy to wire up a Genesis 3 button controller to the system, even for a beginner. I can provide pictures and instructions if interested. I am working with a guy in my area to get NES controllers working with the system.
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