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  1. What.. the.. fu. Where was this level of gameplay when I was a kid? Amazing job.
  2. It seems like people are always requesting features they will never use.
  3. I think it was supposed to be SmartsPost.
  4. From what I've read, TIDE (the included IDE) is broken, but the command line compilers work fine.
  5. The WDC is probably the most professional, and includes a powerful optimizer. And, it's available as a free download: http://65xx.com/Products/WDCTools/ They previously (2 years ago) were selling it for $35.
  6. This looks pretty nice. It looks like you've spent the extra time to really polish it up. Make sure you're crediting your art sources, if they require it.
  7. Nice! Back in the day, I would have lost my mind after seeing this game.
  8. The Sega Genesis and Master System were based on arcade hardware. Starting with the Playstation, Saturn, and N-64, the reverse happened... arcade system were based on home consoles.
  9. I'm interested in purchasing a Skunkboard.
  10. I bought the Saturn USB datalink years ago, and plan on purchasing the PC Engine flash cartridge. I just saw it last night on "The NEC Console Community Forums". I would also be interested in purchasing a Jaguar one.
  11. This would be an interesting idea to do on 16/32 bit hardware. The graphics could be shared easily between the versions, only requiring palette remapping in a few cases.
  12. As mentioned on a few lists, Gunstar Heroes, Earthworm Jim, and Raiden Trad are a few of my favorites. There were some good early titles, Buster Douglas boxing and Cyberball were good arcade ports. The graphical style of Buster Douglas was well done, and translated nicely to the home system.
  13. I did look into Magellan, and designed a simple screen, but couldn't find any support for mode 2 color tables. I can't believe I didn't think of that; all I would have to do it draw one less row of the map. For some reason I was thinking the TMS9918 supported smooth scrolling.
  14. Wow, Canada was a hotbed for small scale Atari 2600 development. Any idea on the number of cartridges produced?
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