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  1. 1) Is this idea interesting for you? Yes, especially if the joystick could be configured to support multiple systems. Being able to support obscure systems would be a huge advantage. 2) Are you looking for some new joystick because your old was damaged? Either damaged or just not included with the purchase. 3) What types of sticks do you prefer? What joysticks do you like? What was your favourite joystick in 80/90's? ( CX40, QuickShot etc. ) I prefer the NES/SNES style controllers. They just seem so much more comfortable than a joystick. The Hyperkin Scout is a decent joystick. I never did play with a good quality joystick in the 80's. The Gravis Gamepad was a nice controller in the 90's. 4) Would you like exchangeable stick at your joystick ( when you will get tired of the old type of stick you can simply change it for another one ) or you'd rather buy another new joystick when you want to exchange the stick? Swappable joysticks never seem to work out. The swappable parts are usually the weak point. 5) Is the autofire function important for you? No. 6) How long stick movement do you prefer? ( short movement is like pressing a small button, long movement is like pressing a key on your keyboard ) Short movement. 7) Do you like an idea that you can buy only the 3D data for your 3D printer and make it for your own? No. Do you have some tips why this idea doesn't make sense? Poor quality or outrageous will not go over well. There may be a bigger market for adapter cables rather than joysticks. Finding quality joysticks for older systems is a huge challenge. Buying original joystick is often very expensive.
  2. It's probably a lot like Dos gaming. Outside of racing and flight simulators, most games used a direction only approach.
  3. Yep. I got an e-mail yesterday, and ordered one. Thank you.
  4. No.. it never showed up on Google when I was searching. Thank you. The BlockoS repo ended up answering a few of the questions I had, and I now have a very early version of the game. Currently only the player can be moved left and right. I haven't done any research on getting it working on real hardware. Given that most of the locations are memory mapped, it may not be an issue. Cart.bin
  5. I had stumbled across that, but assumed it was permanently out of stock.
  6. I located AS781.com, but it is a nightmare to use. I was able to modify the AS assembler to work with the SCV CPU. So far, I've only modified the EI and DI instructions. I think there may be a few others that will need modification. But, the assembler does handle Enril's example code without any issues. And it creates a working rom, when combined with p2bin and a tool to pad the file. All testing is currently being done with Mame and occasionally eSCV. Getting it working on real hardware may take a bit of work. I'm now working on a tool to convert a PNG to sprite and background sprite data. So far everything seems easy enough, based on a Google translation of Enril and Takeda Toshiya's document. I'm thinking the game I will start with is a simple port and possible upgrade of Battle Vader, from the original Cassette Vision.
  7. Are there any currently available options for using Atari, Genesis, or Super Nintendo style joysticks on the Apple II and IIgs? I am leaning towards using an IBM to Apple converter and using a Gravis GamePad, but I wanted to see if there were any other available options. I would much rather have a cable that I could connect one of those style controllers to, for reliability.
  8. At $300, I would go for an Apple IIgs, unless you are specifically looking for a display piece. You can get away without a monitor, as long as you have a TV or monitor with composite input. You can also get away without an external drive, if you get a Floppy Emu, which will cost around $130. The IIgs can use more "modern" hardware, such as a replacement Mac keyboard and mouse. There's also a cheap serial option.
  9. Definitely looking forward to this for the SCV. I just picked up a system, and started looking into developing a game for it.
  10. The Super Cassette Vision has become my latest obsession.
  11. I have been trying this out over the last several weeks. And, for the most part, any cassette player worked well enough. The ones I had a problem with were the Tandy Color Computer and MC-10 computers. They work fine with the CCR-81 and 82 tape drives and an external audio device (a phone, etc.). I could never find a sweet spot for any other cassette player. I was even able to use an Aluratek cassette tape with Bluetooth without any issues, using the CCR-81/82 tape drives. The playback doesn't seem loud enough for the computer to hear it reliably. I was also able to get the Bluetooth cassette to work with the MSX 1 and 2, Commodore 64 and Vic-20, SpectraVideo, Tomy Tutor, Atari 8 bit, and the SuperCharger. The Atari 800 XL, with an Atari 410, was the hardest out of this group.
  12. This is not a checksum or hash. It may be something that enables or sets up the banks. Most games have similar sequences. They start at 0x533c (0x133c in the rom), in set of 2 words, and go until the first word of a set is 0x0002. I was able to use the sequence, 00 00 20 24 00 01 20 2C 00 02 20 34, to get Car-azy Racer working with tanam's flash cart on the Tomy tutor. The cart supposedly doesn't work with the Tomy Tutor. 😄 https://tms9918.booth.pm/items/1022788 The rom is padded to 32k, by inserting 16k of 0xFF byte fillers at the beginning, and putting the above sequence at 0x133c. I also tested with Mr Do, and it worked fine. It should work with any 8k or 16k cartridge. The last 8k, of an 8k cartridge, would probably need to be filled with 0xFF. This will not work with Pitfall! or any of the other 32k cartridges.
  13. I would definitely be interested in obtaining one if there are any available.
  14. They are available from here: https://team-europe.blogspot.com/2019/05/flashcartsmulticarts-for-tomy.html
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