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  1. I believe it is model C that I would like and I am left handed, C has the more complicated cables correct? Beautiful pen btw!
  2. I am definitely on board for one of these. Great craftsmanship! Sent you a message as well!
  3. I would like to be on the list if I could! Would be shipped to Dallas, TX USA.
  4. This looks amazing! I already have my copy ordered!
  5. Humorously, the only non-damaged Axiom Verge release I have is on the Wii U. All of the other ones came crushed in shipping! The Wii U release is beautiful! I still have some Wii U holes to fill but slowly grinding my way to a complete collection!
  6. Everything you said was way beyond my pay grade but the play video looked fantastic. I look forward to seeing more play videos as you continue to work on the project. Definitely excited to hear about a new title being worked on! Sean (new guy)
  7. I absolutely loved that game! I was just looking earlier this week to find a copy! I really like the basic games.. BC's quest for Tires, Loderunner, Tapper and games like that. Real classics!
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