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  1. I tested this version with Altirra 2.90 hardware 600/800XL, Internal basic off, Video pal, Disable P/M, Disable Playfield Collisions Left it running for 10 mins on warp speed no crash. Xevious (1984)(Atari)(US)[h Paul - I.C][5200].xex
  2. I found this to be a problem too but only in the redux version. Will have to play the original again and check.
  3. Not true atari 8 bit Bosconian has proven this with the addition of better presentation,. Music, etc. There is always room for improvement.
  4. Oh great, thanks I will check them out.
  5. I have genesis controllers and 7800 dpad controllers. I know the 7800 controllers work on my xegs. I would have thought they too could be programed for use of the second button. Anyway back to topic great work on moon patrol. I woukd love to see Defender get simular treatment. I love the atari version but if I had the knowhow I'd have added the arcade title screen and would have tried to change the sound effects to be closer to the arcade. Especially the game start sound. It's so iconic. And obviously like I mentioned before have use of a second button for the smart bombs at least.
  6. I had no idea it was possible to make use of the Genesis controllers extra buttons. It would be great to see this implemented for use in Defender - Smart bombs/ Hyperspace and Dropzone - Smart bombs and Cloak. This would reduce the difficulty level to some degree and save atari space bars from being damaged when being smashed down with your foot. Well at least that's how i used to play it.
  7. Id love to see Chase HQ ported from the spectrum.
  8. Thanks I will do that I need to get the 7800 up and running soon. The idea is to set up a dedicated Atari section within the games night. I also have a couple of more computers to pull out of storage a 65xe and 800xl asuming they still work.
  9. Thanks It is rather good isn't it I had to ommit the atari 7800 as I am just about to attempt the video mod. The problem i have is the kit i purchased from eBay only came with the small PCB and RCA jacks but no wire. Not sure what wire I am supposed to use, as having checked all the guides I found here at atariage and on youtube. That is the one detail that is lacking. Any ideas? Is it just a case of cutting wires from an RCA audio and video cable?
  10. Well seeing as I have the Atari setup in a pub what choice did i have but to load up this gem
  11. Actually you would be surprised Leytonstone has changed quite a lot its getting quite hippsterfied. Yeah sure it still has it's fair share of problems just like many places but it has real genuine local community. I have also moved around a little bit but I have found I'm more cofartable being back at my roots. Where are you living now?... Don't answer that if you don't want to.
  12. Should also mention I have the 7800 and jaguar also setup for the games night.
  13. The Birkbeck Tavern Leytonstone must update my profile. As for fellow Atarians yes there are many. I started running a games night in the pub function room with a quite a large setup. modern and classics 90% run on original hardware. I have xegs setup with sio to pc. I need to make a decent video of the next games night and post it.
  14. Just thought this might be a good idea and it is proving to be so.
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