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  1. So I ordered a few overseas/PAL games I didn't have from a guy and finally got around to testing them last night. Two of them didn't work....so I tried to clean the contacts - nothing - cleanest things I'd ever seen. The guy I got them from was in Sweden, and they were only about $6 each, so i figured there's no way I'm sending these things back to Sweden and I might as well pop them open. Well, I pop them open and plugging the chips in, both games work. I fiddle around with the cart for another 20 minutes, and finally, the only way I can get them to work is to take the spring loaded end protector mechanism (if someone has a better name for that let me know!) out and as 'open ender' carts, they both work fine. I've been doing this for over 20 years, and this is the first time I've ever had to do anything like that to get a cart going. I was testing them on a 4 switch Atari....do some of the US Ataris somehow sit a little higher or something?? Anyway, I was also wondering if anyone else has had to do something unique to get a cart to work....
  2. Good stuff! Now I guess I just need a tape, and I'll be all set!
  3. I scored a Kid Vid voice module in a box at an auction for $1!! The problem is that it was just the module...no connector. Are the connectors available anywhere or is there a way to make one by wiring something up?
  4. Yep, a 2 port. I've got a working 4-port...this was just going to be an extra console....but I guess I can sell it to someone that can fix it.
  5. Well, I got the button working...apparently it just needed to be cleaned - I'm not sure why pulling the power out and putting it back in always seemed to fix it, bu the button is fine. Of course now it doesn't play any games....it will take a 2600 adapter and play 2600 games through that, but no 5200 game works. I opened it up and re-seated all the chips...not sure what else to do with it - probably going to sell on Ebay for parts
  6. 1. M-Network baseball (I'd even play this one player with some tricky joystick handling) 2. Combat (Greatest 2 player game ever!) 3. Jungle Hunt 4. Pitfall! 5. Solar Fox 6. Dig Dug 7. Mr. Do 8. Basketball 9. Moon Patrol 10. Dodge 'em This was a hard list for me to come up with since I spent so much time playing #1
  7. So I just picked up another 5200 system, and it works fine, but the power button doesn't toggle off....meaning when I plug the power supply in, the system is off...it turns ON fine, but then the button won't turn it off. If I pull the power supply out and put it back it, it starts in the off position again. I read some info where the power button can get stuck, but mine doesn't appear to be stuck, I just can't turn the system off using the button. I thought about opening it up to clean the switch, but thought I'd see if anyone had any other advice first.
  8. I just started perusing these forums, so I'm responding to old posts, but I'm curious to know what you eneded up doing with all of these??
  9. I had been to the AtariMania site before...has anyone found a way to get a softcopy of the list? I've been able to do that with the AtariAge list just by custting and pasting the search results, but it seems that would take days with this list since it only lets you show 200 at the time. It would be nice if there was a way to dump the whole DB.
  10. I can't imagine this isn't on the forum somewhere, but I can't seem to find it, anbd I'm not sure I'm posting to the right one, but I am looking for a file that has a comprehensive 2600 cart list. The AtariAge DB lists a little less than 2000 carts including labelvariations, prototypes, etc, but I have seen some people that have collections of close to 3000 different carts. I've got one or two that aren't on the list, but is there anywhere that I can get THE master list? Thanks in advance!
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