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  1. Looks like SainT is working on something too:
  2. I have a esp8266 on my desk right now that does look quite similar to a couple of those boards.
  3. Sad to hear. I'm going to fire up the Berzerk cabinet and play a few games.
  4. I have more than I thought: Adventure Plus Beef Drop (5200) Boulderdash Climber 5 Crazy Balloon Fall Down Galaxian Arcade Go Fish Gunfight Halo Jammed Marble Craze Seawolf Starfire (+ Patch and Letter from being one of the first 50 to submit a score over 3500) Swoops! Test Cart Thrust+ Platinum I also have a Harmony, and a 7800 MCP Dev cart if those count. I fell out of the habit of buying homebrews a few years back but intend to get back into it, they've consistently been some of my most played 2600 titles.
  5. pmpddytim


  6. Finally got around to installing my Lynx II LCD. Easy peasy, no problems at all. Thanks for the great kit McWill! I'll have to pick up a GG one! https://i.imgur.com/phunxm8.jpg
  7. Please ad me to the list for one cart with cover. Thanks!
  8. Replacing all the caps fixed it. Pretty simple if you're handy with a soldering iron.
  9. Found it. No cords or anything though. I got it for free so you do too. Just PM me with where/when you want to meet to grab it.
  10. I know I have a spare C64 but I'm having trouble locating it. I'm going through the closet I think its in this weekend so I'll let you know on Monday. Where abouts in OKC are you located?
  11. I know I have an extra but I'm not sure if it has a power brick. I'll check this evening and let you know. Do you just need the computer or are you also looking for drives (floppy, tape etc) and accessories?
  12. While I don't have anything polished enough to share yet I would be interested in picking one of these up if/when they are available. Very impressive.
  13. I was responding to Al's post about printing them if someone did the label design.
  14. I would be all over a set for both 5200 and Vectrex.
  15. Great guy. Fast Shipping and good packaging. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
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