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  1. That's what I figured. Everything seemed to work fine without it but, hey might as well check with the youse guys.
  2. I picked up a non working lynx at a thrift store the other day. Someone had clearly been inside to try and fix it and crudely removed the copper shielding (small torn bits of it remain on the solder points). After a recap and some cleaning its working again, but do I need to worry about replacing the copper shielding with anything or is it safe to go without?
  3. Starwander submitted payment quickly and has excellent communication. Really couldn't ask for a better transaction. I would gladly buy, sell or trade with them again.
  4. I upgraded to the Encore Harmony Cart so I now have a spare of the original (full sized SD card) and would like to trade for Jaguar game(s) I don't have. Cart will come with a 512MB Sd card. These are the games I own so any others I would be interested in: Cybermorph Doom Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story FlashBack Iron Soldier
  5. SOLD! I have a spare copy of JoJo's Bizzare Adventure for Dreamcast. Nice clean copy. Complete with Disc, manual, instructions. Tested and working. $260 Shipped to the US, OBO. I also have a bunch of other Dreamcast games I'm currently going through so if there is a title you are looking for please let me know.
  6. I'm in the US. Thanks for all the info everyone. I'll just hang tight and wait for a response then, I'm in no real hurry, just curious if they were still available or if I should just abandon it and move on. Thanks again!
  7. Does anyone know if Kristof is still selling games via his website? (http://www.kristofsvectrexgames.be/) I have emailed a couple times since the beginning of the year to pick up one of each of his games but have yet to hear back.
  8. I'm getting out of the Gamecube and am starting with clearing these out. I will have more items in the future. Want the whole lot, or more then one? Feel free to make an offer. US Sales only please, message me what you want and your address and I'll calculate shipping. All have been tested and are working. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Complete with Game, Case, Art, Manual and Inserts) - $75 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Complete with Game, Case, Art, Manual and Inserts) - SOLD The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Complete with Game, Case, Art, Manual and Inserts) - $85 The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure (Complete with Game, Case, Art, Manual and Inserts) Cover art shows some wear in the corners - $75 The Legend of Zelda: Collectors Edition (Complete with Game, Case, Art, Manual and Inserts) Cover art has a few creases - $75 The Legend of Zelda: Collectors Edition (CASE AND INSERTS ONLY) Cover Art Shows some wear. - $20
  9. Looks like SainT is working on something too:
  10. I have a esp8266 on my desk right now that does look quite similar to a couple of those boards.
  11. Sad to hear. I'm going to fire up the Berzerk cabinet and play a few games.
  12. I have more than I thought: Adventure Plus Beef Drop (5200) Boulderdash Climber 5 Crazy Balloon Fall Down Galaxian Arcade Go Fish Gunfight Halo Jammed Marble Craze Seawolf Starfire (+ Patch and Letter from being one of the first 50 to submit a score over 3500) Swoops! Test Cart Thrust+ Platinum I also have a Harmony, and a 7800 MCP Dev cart if those count. I fell out of the habit of buying homebrews a few years back but intend to get back into it, they've consistently been some of my most played 2600 titles.
  13. pmpddytim


  14. Finally got around to installing my Lynx II LCD. Easy peasy, no problems at all. Thanks for the great kit McWill! I'll have to pick up a GG one! https://i.imgur.com/phunxm8.jpg
  15. Please ad me to the list for one cart with cover. Thanks!
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