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  1. AH! Got it, well, the other parts are missing then, and I certainly don't have the technical skills to make this work. Oh well, thanks for your help, I appreciate it.
  2. up2knowgood

    What is this

    I have no idea what this thing is.
  3. Sorry about the size, all I have is my phone to take the pictures with. And work's been crazy so I'm sorry for not getting back here for so long. Anyway, I took a few pictures of the insides, and there's wires to the strange studs the poke through the front of the cartridge. I have no idea what they could be for. Edit: I added more photos the Album, close up of the studs on the front, let me know if there's any other photos you all want me to take.
  4. So, a friend of mine who owns a game store got this in a bundle of Atari games. He's never seen anything like it, and gave it to me wondering if I knew what it was. I have never seen anything like this, so I ask you all, anyone know what this is? I plugged it into an Atari, and I couldn't get it to do anything. As you can see, it has these strange pegs coming out of it, and has this label on the back, but I don't know what they might do, and what the label means. The pegs are perfectly poked out of the casing, with no scratches around them, making him think that they were not made by a person, but I'm not sure. I think it looks like a regular Combat cartridge that has been modified. I have it with me if anyone wants me to upload more photos of it. Thanks in advance for any help identifying this thing.
  5. Let's see, Asteriods to Ms. Pac Man to Dig Dug, to Combat to Combat(for some reason) to Missile Command to Pac Man to Yars' Revenge to Frogger to Donkey Kong Junior. Did I win?
  6. With the Genesis, SNES, N64, and Jaguar, most hold it label down and rotate vertically into place. I almost did it that way with the Atari, but again, saw that end label, flipped it and then put it in. It was I wanted to make a note of the game and looked at the wrong side that it was the other way around from what I expected. Failed my Observation roll.
  7. Have to agree with you there.
  8. Do you reproduce the Communist Mutants from Outer Space poster?
  9. Does that say it came with Phoenix? Very cool.
  10. I really look forward to that new paddles, sounds like the combo controller Sears Video Arcade II. Also would like any improvement to the classic joystick.
  11. And a product people want, and the means to make it, and the ability to make money...there's a few differences.
  12. Depends on you. Don't have as many games as you, but I also was more interested in the fringe stuff so probably spent more on it. Call me stupid, but I bought every label variation of Space Invaders I have come across just because I like to display them.
  13. The only controller that plugs into TWO controller ports.
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