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  1. if I have the disposable income and pricing is reasonable I will grab a gold and maybe the sega to
  2. anyone else playing neo turf masters on their phone ? well worth the $3
  3. this is awesome! Wish I had a vectrex still not sure if mine needed this but I did have to restore the controller a bit with a new overlay. if there is one good thing coming out of the explosion of interest in retro its that the games and consoles are getting taken care of like this!
  4. yakuza and project diva x a miku game looking forward to wipeout and some shmups next
  5. if I can afford a jag again someday this would be of interest to me so long as it is sub $20
  6. i will join I am jdollatari on xbox live
  7. hmm well mine still work and I haven't needed more than the two I have but I will likely just go with the new s controllers you mentioned bill thanks! Right now I am focused on getting a good racing wheel for forza
  8. anyone still following this? Its starting to look pretty promising! I still have no reason to make the jump what with a very nice gaming pc and no 4k tv unless my original xbox one dies I won't be upgrading till the family tv is upgraded (again when it dies...)
  9. Decent at worst and most likely Good (I hope) loved the first one can't wait to grab this one
  10. still don't own but have desired one of these good to see one getting some much needed love!
  11. i was 19 or 20 when i got my jag must have been 09? they were much cheaper back then and I had some homebrew and new titles as well along with a jag cd that sadly broke shortly after I got it no longer have them but wish i did!
  12. i liked the free trial and will pick it up when its like 5-15 bucks
  13. i love using them haven't bought one yet because of the expense seen them as low as 130 at costco i want one bad the regular ones feel like junk now which is sad
  14. hard drive is the first issue hell i fill it and have to delete things as it is just with the free xbx live games that said this is mostly older stuff you could buy cheap physical copies of so meh
  15. of the ones i know of i want something to carry it with a screen protector for the dock and the screen on the go and of course a joycon wheel for my mario kart races and a pro controller so a bunch of stuff its gonna be an expensive summer lol
  16. i doubt this very much the wii will likely not be replicated but then again i might have said the same thing about the nes so...
  17. bunch of games that were us releases on saturn ran me in the 100-200 range stuff like radiant silvergun
  18. sadly none at the moment but i still get soem atari now and then to play at arcades and online or on my newer consoles. i used to own a jaguar a lynx and jag cd which broke a week after i got it... urgh. and a atari 2600 heavy sixer from sunnyvale. would like to get into it all again...
  19. too poor and have other things i want to buy i might get a ps4 pro since i don't have a ps4 yet but even then since i don't have a tv that can take advantage of it meh
  20. i last checked the site out when it was new and had high hopes but got out of collecting and gaming to some extent until recently it appears the site has failed...
  21. here is hoping some of the big arcades out here will bring it in as i am sure it will be spendy i love this series as i have fond memories in arcades and on my n64 i think an nx release would be great down the road
  22. just beat yoshi's new island and playing shantae finally thanks to humble bundle. the new hatsune miku music game is a blast also
  23. bunch of guys at work play i really need to break down and buy it sounds like a blast
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