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  1. Thank you for this new game. Buster is awesome.
  2. sorry, the game does not work with the harmony cartridge.
  3. Awesome it's a great job. :thumbsup: On the other hand if you could make a version with the character of Q* Bert color orange, it would be the icing on the cake. Thank you
  4. Even better than the first, good job
  5. better than the original game. Awesome :thumbsup:
  6. For the game "wasp", you need a joypad cx78 (two buttons) because with the joystick cx40 it is impossible to launch the game.
  7. Thanks, nice video. I like good "Tossing Cookies 2" by Chris Read.
  8. The animation of the character is impressive.
  9. chavert

    Shark Jaws +

    Reading the game description makes me think of the game seaquest This game is a great Christmas present. A big thank you to you winkdot. :thumbsup: To download urgently
  10. Author : Mike Salzman In 2013 I programmed a series of homebrew Atari 2600 games with Desert Bus 2600 perhaps being the most recognized. Around this same time I had considered some other conceptual games and concluded that Skee-Ball would have been a perfect addition to the 2600 library. Some of my most favorite games were also their most simple, such as Bowling, Golf, and Air-Sea Battle. Anyways, I threw Skee-Ball together in about 5 hours and am satisfied with its results... Link: http://www.mikesalzman.com/2018/02/09/skee-ball-atari-2600-homebrew/ Download : http://www.mikesalzman.com/2018/02/25/download-skee-ball-homebrew-for-atari-2600/
  11. Why is the subscriber forum so great ?
  12. It's one of the best homebrew shoot 'em up with draconian.
  13. Red alert! It's the year 2115 and the inhabitants of the planet Xenos have invaded Earth! As the Earth's greatest fighter pilot, and last hope, you must lead a squadron of Novus class 3 fighter ships to the planet Xenos. A new fusion bomb has been developed that can end the war and save the Earth, but it must be delivered from close range. Can you beat all the odds and save the Earth? Quickly, Captain, to your ship Author : Nick A. Bild Link : https://nickbild79.firebaseapp.com/#!/xenos
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