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  1. Lot N°1: - Upp + NTSC - Phantasm limited edition N ° 21 of (40 ???) NTSC - Q bert jump limited edition N ° 2 of 5 (cartridge signed by warren davis). NTSC - Free Play Florida collector's edition N ° 65 out of 100. NTSC - Smurf Travels in the hidden Forest N ° 7 of 20. NTSC - A new Marauder NTSC - Revenge of blocky NTSC - Juggernaut NTSC 450 euros + shipping . P.s: I am in France. Sorry, i only send into europe and payment by paypal.
  2. it's a great offer, it's cheap. Thanks
  3. I have for several years two harmony encore and one harmony, it works perfectly. Great products 👍 Thanks you for creating this wonderful carts.
  4. on atari 7800 pal the text menu is purple and on atari 2600 ntsc the text menu is green. personally I prefer in purple.
  5. I would like to know if it is still possible to buy a harmony with a cartridge case ? Harmony sd version $39 + cartridge casing $10 thanks.
  6. [cite]If Concerto is sold out, there is a link on the product page to reserve a Concerto from an upcoming batch. [/cite] Did you manage to make a reservation ? it doesn't work for me. 😥 Link: https://checkout.square.site/buy/G5E5W7CMJMYY3DUHBNY3LSV7
  7. I use an atari 7800 pal with harmony cartridge or harmony encore. The game does not work or has a bug during a game. The problem must be that it doesn't work well on atari 7800 pal yes with an atari vcs console the ntsc game works well
  8. correction: the game works on harmony encore and harmony in bin or e7. The problem is due with the ZeroPage Homebrew link: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21AHMMWfIJIbxAm%5Fw&id=EBF48A1964E7EEB5%211294&cid=EBF48A1964E7EEB5 The game is corrupted with this link.
  9. This game does not work on harmony encore but only on harmony. What a shame !
  10. I would say this game : Hedgehog Bros .
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