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  1. I wasn't keeping track, but I think it took around an hour.
  2. Impressive score, Cafeman. I've been playing some more but can't seem to beat my last score. I think I know who's going to win this round!
  3. Did a little better: 187,335 points!
  4. 306,650 points. The stock controller starts to hurt after a while (using the fire button so much)!
  5. 586,250 points. Got to "Level 10" (the level count only goes up to 9). Starting at Level 9, there are no torches, you have to go through the levels completely in the dark!
  6. 265,650 points. Seems like each level gets darker sooner. I was on a screen with a torch but couldn't figure out how to get to it (couldn't remember the pattern of where the small platforms were)!
  7. Maybe it is the joystick, but it also takes some practice to get good at directing (and redirecting) a ball to hit the bricks on one of the edges without freeing up one of the other balls. I'm using a standard CX52 right now, and it's behaving very well for me (not jittery or anything!). Glad you were able to track down a copy of the game!
  8. This is an easier strategy to use on Doubles. In that variation, you can purposely lose your ball before hitting the last brick (before the screen resets). Then the game will start you out with two balls again, and there's a chance one of the balls will get stuck at the top while you hit the other one below, resulting in double points as long as you can keep both going. The Cavity variation doesn't work the same way, as the game doesn't start you off with multiple balls each turn and, most likely, you've already freed and lost the extra ones by the time you'd like to get one stuck at the top! I won't say it's impossible, but it's very difficult with the combination of fast-moving balls and small paddles!
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