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  1. Great article... can I put that on www.neo-geo.co.uk? It is worth talking about how you could transfer your home progress from the memory card to the actual arcade machine. Neo Pocket was a failure too, despite it being a wonderful piece of hardware. Well done. <3 EDIT: Ah it's Techradar... Nevermind, I'll conjure something thing up in due course. The first game review is up on www.neo-geo.co.uk now if you're interested. Also forums opened but no members yet, not sure if it works properly just haven't had enough time to tackle the mammoth project... keep this thread alive!
  2. I've got so many regrets when it comes to having to sell some Neo Geo AES games as needed the cash at the time. Selling Pulstar is my biggest regret, I'll get it again but will have to pay twice as much
  3. Hi Anthony, I won't advertise that just yet, I will wait and see how good the conversion is. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. Hi Anthony, Is there a website or something for this release? I'll link it on mine. Cheers buddy
  5. I'll keep an eye out, been after this for a while. Brilliant game.
  6. Hi there, I would check the boards if you haven't already, and if they are genuine and there is no obvious sign of damage, the problem could be hardware related. If the cart checks out, I'd sell it as I'm pretty sure it'll be fine. I might buy it off you if you don't get it working and the boards are fine.
  7. I think the Japanese version is one of the best covers for any Neo Geo AES game :-) It makes you want to play ALOT.
  8. hmmm what an incredible bargain. I would of paid $200 for just the cab without games and monitors, excellent condition hopefully the 4 slot will work for him. Oh, hi Anthony, great forum thread, full of positive vibes and easily the best thread I've viewed on any forum relating to the Neo Geo, kudos friend.
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