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  1. Thank you for the picture mytek, that's mine. I missed the version number on the PCB, so I stated the part number on the B.A. invoice from Nov/2017. KB
  2. Hi 1088ers, I am gearing up to start building my 1088, I have the initial 1088XEL-GBB, AA board. Purchased November of 2017. Have there been revisions? Thank you. KB
  3. Hi Cool People, I finally have a Tandy Pocket computer, with cassette interface/plotter. I want to save my own programs mainly, there is probably a way to use the cassette interface with an android phone and app to save and load programs. Or maybe one of you fine people has a better solution? Any tips would be appreciated. Ideally I wish there was an SD card interface, but I guess these little things are not that popular. Thanks for your ideas. KB
  4. When I was a kid I would look through some amazing toy catalog, or an ad in a comic book and ask mom to take me to the post office for a money order. Then mail it off and wait what felt like forever, then be disappointed when it arrived. Ordering from Ben a couple weeks ago was all the good parts of that experience and none of the bad. I emailed him and told him about the bad link to his catalogs, so he sent me text files, and holy crap he has some Gems. I asked for a quote including shipping for 4 items and mailed off a money order. Yesterday I got the items; Cyber Sculpt, Degas Elite, STOS and an Abacus book, so great. I will order again.
  5. Hi Again, I am raytracing a lot lately and read that Tom Hudson wrote a desk accessory program that can anti-alias images made with Cyber Cad 3D. I have checked around and can't find it. I'd appreciate if one of you fine folks knew where to get it.
  6. Really interesting, yes your logic makes sense. When it is convenient for you please check the attached wav. As for other graphic I will create it on the weekend. stpingv1.zip
  7. Interesting. I can provide a sample late tonight. Would playing a sample cause a "pause" during playback? The ST has a sound chip, would playing a note (beep of pleasing frequency) be less computationally "expensive?" I ask respectfully, in deference to your knowledge. It also seems you are a wizard, so maybe a sample is no problem.
  8. That is excellent. Now one more thought. The reflective balls are metal, ideally at frame 37, and every 37 frames, a high audio note is played, a "ping" sound. Sort of like the amiga juggler demo. If you can add that, what do you need from me? K
  9. Thank you PLM, Ideally I was hoping for a 1040ST to play a file from RAM, like a demo. Double click and it plays as fast as possible, meaning as close to 30fps as we can get. My thought on compressing based on deltas was that largely the frame is the same, so perhaps as a bonus it would play on a 520ST. Thank you for the offer to help. Excellent. KB thank_you_PLM.zip
  10. Hi Again Atarians, I made a 40 frame animation using Tom Hudsons Raytracer from Start magazine, and I would like to make a standalone movie file or clickable demo that can be run on the ST. Ideally using delta-style compression, since most of the frame are is static (other than reflections). The images are currently in .pi1 format. Anyone know of a tool I can use to make an animation file that I can share? Attached is a sample frame. Thank you. KB
  11. I used my ST to enhance a visual effect in the 1999 movie, "The Mummy." In the movie the stunt person mummy used a foam knife to stab at Eve. When the stab happens, the tip of the foam knife folded over. My job was to digitally paint out the folded bit, which I did using an SGI workstation. It was a Friday and I finished late at night. Over the weekend I though it would add to the effect if I put a spark in there. I used Neochrome to test that I could draw a realistic spark. Yellow in the center, outer layers orange. Monday came and I tried to re-draw the spark on the SGI, in the Matador paint software. For some reason I could not get the organic spark look. Sort of "writers block." No matter what I tried I was getting a symmetrical, or too fake looking spark. Monday I brought in my spark on disc, we had a Mac or IBM with software to read disks of any format and I used the "Debabelizer" format conversion utility to make a .tiff if I recall. I copied the spark to the SGI file server and used Kodak Cineon software to composite the spark into the shot. Unfortunately, the organic looking spark I drew was not large on the ST screen, I sort of drew it with a few flicks of the wrist. It may have been 2 inches tall on the SC1224. When compositing it I had to blow it up several hundred percent to match the correct size of the 2048x1556 film scan. If you have the movie you can freeze-frame on the sparks and see the jaggies. In dailies everyone was surprised to see the animated spark and the editor for the movie loved it and appreciated the extra mile. Maybe the only time an ST was used to do a visual effect for a big budget movie...
  12. Having read the article here is my result. Thanks for telling me about the disk kodak80.
  13. Well I have the answer, I just received the Start magazine from eBay. The "Q" is due to compression used on the cover disks. In retrospect it makes total sense. Anyway, I will scan the missing page and make the issue on archive.org and atarimagazines.com complete. Thank you to anyone who read this. K
  14. Hi Atarians, Tom Hudson mentions in the Ray Tracing Article (Start Volume 1, Number 4) : "If you're a programmer, you'll be glad to know the source files for the TRACER program (TRACER.C and TRACEASM.S) are included on the START disk in the RAYTRACE.ST folder." What I see though, is a file called: "TRACER.CQ" That appears compiled and cannot be read with a text editor. Anyone have an idea? Thank you. K
  15. Yes! I am trying it out now. Thank you for taking the time. Epic. KB
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