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  1. What would be the best way to backport ROM's? I wish to run CHD games such as Firefox, M.A.C.H. 3, Red Earth, and Area 51. I wish to run both Area 51 and Beast Busters using both the Dreamcast light gun and MAME4ALL. Of course, I will also try to run Dark Stalkers and Road Riot 4x4. Speed will not be an issue because I will simply set those games on "difficult" because the slow MAME speed would be cancelled out.
  2. The villain of the Atari 2600 Megaman reminds me of the prohibition against medical marijuana. His head looks like a rancid bud with too many seeds. I need kind people to help create a patch so that the 2600 Megaman can be playable and finished. Please stay on topic and help design a patch so that people can destroy the villain of Atari 2600 Megaman. Many people play Megaman and support medical marijuana too. Plus Mega Man and Medical marijuana both have two M's. I consider Megaman to represent medical marijuana.
  3. I wish there would be a patch for the Megaman homebrew on the Atari 2600. The boss is indestructible. The game is unfinished. I wish somebody could patch the Atari 2600 Megaman so that the boss can be destroyed and the game could be finished.
  4. Help! Patches are needed for Nintendo Gameboy and NES ROM's! Both "Rockman 8" and "Sonic 3D Blast 5" are only supported on the GEST Gameboy emulator. All other emulators are unable to play "Rickman 8" and "Sonic 3D Blast 5". I wish to play a ROM hack called "Supermario ASCII". I wish there was a patch to play this ROM on most NES emulators. Any info on how to create patches from scratch for ROM's would be appreciated. If anybody can patch those ROM's, I would be grateful.
  5. How would you know? Anything can be possible with proper use of code. there has not been an algorithm created to solve this problem, at least for now... Firefox, M.A.CH. 3, Road Riot 4x4 must be set to be played on MAME 0.34!
  6. Help! I need advice on how to use CLRMAMEPRO to format games which have CHD's. I wish to format "Firefox", "M.A.C.H. 3", "Red Earth", and "Road Riot 4x4" to run on MAME 0.34 Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Thank you for all the replies. I heard that CLRMAMEPRO may be able to format ROM's. I will start a new thread about CLRMAMEPRO. Peace!
  8. Help! I need info on how to format ROM'S to run on MAME 0.34? I am trying to format games to run on MAME4ALL on Dreamcast. How can I load in games which may have CHD's. Such as "Red Earth" or load in samples on games which have voice? Any info would be helpful.
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