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  1. Received Works great! Looking forward to getting a Pokey/Hokey to slot-in.
  2. My Dragonfly was a repaired by rj1307 (thanks rj1307!) but for some reason is stuck in some kind of international mail vortex and is now on it way back to to Europe from NYC. I need cart to test my 7800 homebrews on real hardware, and now it's been almost 4 months now I'm desperate for one of these. Please make more.
  3. How could Rescue On Fractalus be created on purely bitmapped engine? What am I missing? AtariProtos.com - All Your Protos Are Belong To Us! Atari 7800 Rescue On Fractalus - YouTube
  4. I could not get this to load. What emulator are you using?
  5. I was plotting my moving starfield background before anything else. I moved it and I do see a bit of performance gain.
  6. The Maximizing Sprites section of the 7800 wiki says this : Maximizing 7800 Sprites - 8BitDev.org - Atari 7800 Development Wiki Split Logic The simplest thing a 7800 developer can do to improve performance in their game is to split out the game logic from the display logic. Enemy AI, player controls, display position calculations and everything else aside from adding bytes to the DLLs should be happening during the visible screen, where the most free time is available. When your program is done all of the game logic, it should just be ready to write out that DLL data as fast as possible once the visible screen is over. Ensure you do this by splitting your main loop into 2 sections, the first labeled as ";GAME LOGIC" and the other as ";DISPLAY LOGIC". If anything in the DISPLAY LOGIC section can be precalculated in the GAME LOGIC section, even if takes more time, do so. How can this be achieved in 7800 Basic? It is as simple as leaving all "plot" statements until last possible moment?? Sorry if this has been discussed before.
  7. Okay, mark II, now using a more universal "ball" shape that fits together better (I think).
  8. I'm also writing an algorithm to generate boss ships based on a random numbers. Still very much WIP, but here are some examples:
  9. The tutorial is wonderful, as is Atari Dev Studio. My cliched start with the hello World sample in the 7800 Basic sample directory, and go from there. My advice is to not worry about all the options at first (doubebuffering, bankswitching, pokey music, high scores, etc.) and just get the basics done first. You can come back and learn everything else once you are comfortable.
  10. I figured as much. I have a different name idea. Easy enough to edit my banner. thanks! -Steve
  11. The 253 valid levels created with my current level-creation algorithm, but I'm not using all of them. I'm picking out the best ones for the game. the total of all level data required for 90 levels and 10 bosses right now stands at 200 bytes.
  12. My butter fingers will probably just have me breaking both boards then! I'm saying I'd pay extra to not ruin a weekend. -Steve
  13. Will there be a "Concerto with a hokey installed" option? My butter-fingers are much better at programming then soldering.
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