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  1. Hi, just bought an Encore. Is it compatible with the 7800 like the original Harmony?
  2. Got mine! Pokey works great! I loved hearing my Pokey Xmas music played from the real-deal. It Warmed my heart.
  3. Yes. Both use the 128kRAM
  4. It arrived! I works!! A couple my A7800 compatible homebrews do not work though, so now I need to dig through and see why that might be...
  5. Any word on what the "exclusive" Atari VCS games might be?
  6. I got mine, but I'm worried about using the wrong power supply and blowing it up. Can someone point me to one I can use in the USA?
  7. Can someone provide the tracking link?
  8. I still want to know what the "exclusive" games will be. There appear to be a few Activision titles and a few Atari 8-bit computer titles already available. It would be nice if you could create short-cuts (deep links) into Ant-Stream and Atari Vault so you could play your favorite games directly from the interface. That would be a nice Atari-VCS-Only feature for apps that otherwise exist on almost every other platform.
  9. I bought it on eBay just so I could play it like it was 1982. It worked!
  10. New episode of our podcast.  This one is about Christmas 1981, The Atari VCS Christmas.
    S3:E25: 1981 – Atari VCS Christmas – Into The Vertical Blank



  11. Anyone with a tracking # see their cart reach the USA yet?
  12. Please excuse my excitement, and ignore this post with your utmost prejudice of you don't care. After 38 years, I bought a fresh copy of River Raid off Ebay, opened it up, plugged it into my 7800, got a real CX-40 Joystick, and proceeded to obliterate my old high score from Christmas 1982 by nearly 15,000 points. I could never play well on any of the retro collections, or emulators because the feel of the joystick was just not right. But with an actual CX-40 in my hand on real (okay a 7800, but still), all the nuances were correct and I was able to score higher than I ever thought possible as a kid, 33450 points. I don't care if this is not really a record or anything, it's my record and it took 38 years to do it.
  13. I bought that one too, but I'm still waiting for a modern Namco Museum that includes Bosconian again.
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