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  1. Very cool. Now how do I tell my wife we will be selling the ToyShock one and replacing it with this?
  2. Cool. All Gottlieb games for now? One day it would be cool to see an "Atari Pinball" pack.
  3. Right before The Atari VCS, Star Wars toys, and Lego hit big in the 70’s there was the 1977 Sears Wish Book. It’s like an archive of everything “cool” before things got real. Every year in September or October, the Sears Wish Book would arrive in the mail, and our job was to circle the things we wanted for Christmas. In this episode we dive into the top-50 weird and wonderful products from the 1977 Sears Wish Book (plus some extras) https://intotheverticalblank.com/2020/10/19/s3e21-news-update-plus-the-top-50-toys-and-products-from-the-1977-sears-wish-book/
  4. Agree with this. I'm pretty sure they plan to either flash the things when they arrive on their slowwwwwww-boat over the Pacific, or they plan for users to do a full OTA on start-up, or both. I hope they still have some firmware devs on staff to fix bugs, and I hope they have a secure TLS/signed-firmware pipeline, or there might be some interesting MITM attacks when the whole thing goes live.
  5. This is a nice little series. I have to admit, in 1984 my measurement for console WAS "can't it play Xexious?", but not by 1986.
  6. Yeah, I'm really enjoying it. Getting comfortable with bank-switching, data, 12-color sprites, helps a lot too. I'm feel like I'm getting close to where the technology fades away and it becomes canvas I can use to my heart's content. So many game ideas brewing, but I need to finish one first before I move on.
  7. It's all about "levers". Back in the 2000's I hired Rob Fulop (Demon Attack) to come to Mattel and hold a class on game design for our web-game team. (I also hired both Chris Crawford and Bill Kunkel for other classes) He was full of good advice, but the best piece was about "levers" for levels. Basically creating enough variables that you can set for various possibilities. Each "level" is simply a set of "lever" data that is loaded by engine and to operate on. It might seem "obvious" now, but back then it was quite an eye opening idea for me. I think this advice works well for the type of golden-age, single screen games I like to make, but I think an expanded version could be used for anything. -Steve
  8. 107 height? I thought they height had to be in 8/16 pixel increments?
  9. Okay. I Kinda need those comments or I will never remember what each property represents! If you look above, it worked with soft carriage return [shift]+[enter], but not a hard-carriage-return [enter] Not sure if that helps or not.
  10. Flashback: GCC/Atari Related Interviews We've done a couple GCC related interviews for the podcast that may be of interest: S2:E1: The Disappearance Of Charlie Chuck : Atari Food Fight Why hasn’t Atari’s magnificent 1983 game “Food Fight” appeared any of their retro game collections? Where has it is gone? Episode features an in-depth interview with the fabulous Jonathan Hurd, creator on the Food Fight arcade game for GCC and Atari. https://intotheverticalblank.com/2019/03/10/s2e1-the-disappearance-of-charlie-chuck-atari-food-fight/ S3:E15: How A Few MIT Dropouts Became Atari’s Secret Weapon In this episode we talk to Steve Golson, hacker/engineer for GCC and creator of the hardware that converted Pac-Man into Ms. Pac Man. In part one of two part conversation, we chat about the era of coin-op “speed-up kits” and how GCC’s revolutionary ideas for converting “Missile Command ” into “Super Missile Attack” led to the upstart company becoming Atari’s Secret Weapon. https://intotheverticalblank.com/2020/07/03/s3e15-how-a-few-mit-dropouts-became-ataris-secret-weapon/ S3:E16: GCC Part 2: Ms. Pac-Man and the Sad Fate of the The Atari 7800 In part 2 of our discussion with Steve Golson, we cover the glory of the Ms. Pac-Man, arcade game, and fate the lay ahead for GCC as Atari’s silent but productive game and hardware producing secret weapon. https://intotheverticalblank.com/2020/07/10/s3e16-gcc-part-2-ms-pac-man-and-the-sad-fate-of-the-the-atari-7800/
  11. Of course! Great, yeah, thanks so much!
  12. oh no I didn't...wait... #*&! Yes, you are right, it totally works without any commas at all. data gZone1 $01 ; 1-gZoneGraphic $01 ; 2-gZoneGraphicSplit $FF ; 3-gZoneSize1 $04 ; 4-gZoneSize2 $01 ; 5-gZoneEnemy1 $00 ; 6-gZoneEnemy2 $00 ; 7-gZoneEnemy3
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