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  1. I figured as much. I have a different name idea. Easy enough to edit my banner. thanks! -Steve
  2. The 253 valid levels created with my current level-creation algorithm, but I'm not using all of them. I'm picking out the best ones for the game. the total of all level data required for 90 levels and 10 bosses right now stands at 200 bytes.
  3. My butter fingers will probably just have me breaking both boards then! I'm saying I'd pay extra to not ruin a weekend. -Steve
  4. Will there be a "Concerto with a hokey installed" option? My butter-fingers are much better at programming then soldering.
  5. If I seed rand like this: rand = 15 and then do this: a = rand b = rand c = rand Should I expect a,b and c to always be the same numbers based on the seed? Not the same as each other mind you, the same sequence in the same order. This is what I expected to see, but not what I'm seeing.
  6. Thanks! The goals is to finish one game finally and be happy about it. Getting close.
  7. I'm not quite ready to share the binary yet, but Space Raiders is a game I started two weeks ago. I was thinking I could use it as the basis for a set of beginner tutorials on 7800 Basic. It started ballooning, and now and it is about 70% complete. I played with pallet manipulation to get some fades and with animated sprites to simulate scaling. Also, all levels formations are created with bits from random numbers copied from the right side to the left so the formations look symmetrical. I'm fairly certain this will be my actual first "finished" 7800 homebrew, and I still might do the tutorials if there is any interest. My other idea is to add this game to "Last Stand" and "Into The Void" and make a multi-game "space game pack" or even something like Gorf (Forf/Vorf?). Here is a video: Space Raiders Atari 7800 Homebrew 2021 - YouTube again, binaries soon, but not until I work-out power-ups, proper leveling, pokey music and high score support and decide if I'm going to create a boss-battle or not.
  8. There is no while loop in 7800 Basic. You must simulate it with goto, or just use for/next.
  9. Oh, I like this! I do some Y locations checks right now to only do collisions is they could possibly be in the same zone (it's a vertical shooter), but I do not resort the objects in a single display list. I will need to take a look a this closer.
  10. Yeah, I'll take it off and try it out. Thanks for the offer to fix. Much appreciated.
  11. Has anyone else had this problem: after just a few insertions, the microSD card will now no longer "catch" in my Dragonfly, and I can no longer use it with an SD card. I tried multiple microSD cards, and none will stay inserted. -Steve
  12. ha! Yeah, you are right.
  13. For the hell of it, I tried 32KRAM as configuration in 7800 Basic, and it works, but is it valid? If so, is all 32K ROM available to use at the same time? Why 32K? I'm interested to see what kind of game can be made with the limitations in 1984. The RAM is just in case I need more display object per zone.
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