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  1. Agreed. It's not bad. The developer appears to have put a lot of thought into it. I've only played once though, then continued my PES 2020 quest to win the Premiere League. but when that is done, I'll probably be back.
  2. I bought my brother a Jaguar in like 1996/97 under similar KayBee circumstances. They only had about 6 games, but I got everything they had. he still has it. It was just "okay", but couldn't even come close to matching my PSX with Namco Museum 1, Crash Bandicoot and Soviet Strike. It never got much play, but I think it had lots of potential. Tramiel Atari just did not care enough about video games to make it work (IMHO).
  3. I saw some Atari titles in the "retro re-imagined" portion of one of the videos. Besides Breakout, Pong and Missile Command, what else is being worked on?
  4. Good topic!! It was late 1991. I had pushed my Atari 1040 ST to the limit. I could only buy software at a store an hour away. I installed AT-Speed and was able to buy a few EGA an CGA PC games and run them on the ST. As I looked through the racks and racks of PC games at my local Software Etc. for CGA/EGA games, I noticed how many were then 256 Color VGA with SoundBlaster Sound: Wing Commander. Might And Magic III. Links. Falcon 3.0. Games only 2 miles away instead of driving 50 miles. For my birthday in 1992 my brother and I bought a 386-DX40, 4BM RAM, 40MB Hard drive, 56k modem.
  5. Like others have said, I'd love to see Food Fight and Quantum and a discrete logic simulator so we could see all the games pre-1976. I really wish they could do licensed games, as without them Atari history is not preserved. They also should own the 8-bit and 16-bit version of their own IP at the very least.
  6. ...by the way, if you are going to try this with sounds from SXFR then make sure to have the [Squarewave] option selected or they mostly won't sound even remotely close. Explosions have been the hardest to export from it.
  7. I tried this with .wav files created with SXFR.exe. Mixed results. Maybe 1-2 decent sounds out of 10. I like your idea about finding parts that work though.
  8. Okay, I'll pivot to taking very short loops and sfx and converting for TIA. This is very very cool. Thanks!!
  9. Can the output be used with playsong instead of playsfx? I tried but ran into a lot of issues. playsfx works, but i'd I can't stop the sound to try a new one and I'd like to loop and change the tempo too.
  10. Wow. thanks!! Wait, is sound2tia is a utility we can use ourselves? (scrolls up) Oh hey! I missed that! Going to try it. I've got ALOT of sound files!
  11. Full disclosure. This library has been the ONLY way I can get close to making anything listenable with the TIA. I page through, find a sound, take the data, and then start playing around with it until I get what I want. I'm sure if I use it enough I'll figure out how to so things from scratch, but for right now that is the only way. I hope that is okay with you. If not, please tell me a how you would like it used. -Steve
  12. I want a free Speaker Hat and a 25% coupon for an a Atari hotel breakfast buffet, or no dice.
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