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  1. To be honest I forgot about the changing ball on this difficulty when I picked it.🤦‍♂️
  2. There are a few things that the Atarimax can do right now that the built in sd card doesn't. Boxxle and Black Onyx will work with atarimax and the built in sd loader doesn't support them yet. When using the atarimax, if you hit the reset on the Phoenix it will reset the game. Using the built in sd loader, hitting reset will currently take you back to sd loader menu.
  3. This is only applicable to the Phoenix. The Phoenix only has a 512K SRAM. A very small section of that is needed for the standard Phoenix operation, so a game that makes use of all 512K wouldn't work. The patch works by moving some data out of the restricted section on the phoenix into a free section that is accessible.
  4. That is strange. My rom does not show that when run from the sd card.
  5. The spinner max I get is around 60. With the roller, it can get in the 200s.
  6. Yes, well technically an update for the cv core to fix the issue.
  7. The compatibility isn't really a 720 vs 480 issue. As far as I know, The 2600 core works correctly on all of the tvs that have had issues with the cv core. The issue is the current cv core is set to use a pixel clock of 25MHz, which is technically out of spec. Changing the pixel clock to 27MHz should resolve this, but will take time to implement as it changes a lot of the timings with the rest of the core. The power feedback was a separate issue.
  8. There isn't a set timeline for releases at this point. As things get addressed we will push out updates. Right now the video update is a rather large and intensive update so we still do not have an ETA on that
  9. That is strange. I wonder if your SAC is producing noise or inconsistent pulses. When I use that program on my SAC it does not generate any spurious pulses and always matches the speed and direction input.
  10. If the USB keyboard supports the adapter it might work. The implementation for the keyboard is pretty basic and only covers the main CV buttons at the moment. Mouse support, ps2 or keyboard, has not been implemented.
  11. On a Colecovision Super Action Controller moving the spinner can fix it. In some 3rd party controllers and mods, pins 7 and 9 either disconnected or not the same. The disconnected pins can pickup noise which can leave the "spinner" in a bad state that can lock up programs.
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