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  1. The added call to Controller_init resolves the issue.
  2. So the issue appears to be that the controller initialization is referencing uninitialized RAM. Changes were made to Phoenix's initial RAM state so it would not have an issue with Risky Rick which looks for specific things in the uninitialized RAM like multiple 00s in a row. So the Phoenix initial ram state has some FFs in the ram. When you run these games through the Atarimax (which initializes all RAM to 00) the game runs as normal. If you hit the reset button on the Phoenix (returns ram to initial phoenix ram state), the problem comes back (Atarimax was not power cycled so ram was not initialized to 00s). The conclusion then is there something wrong with reading in the initial controller state that is not properly initializing the controller ram space.
  3. Is the INITRAM a BIOS routine or a separate function? If so can you say what is it doing.
  4. Although there may be some difference in the firmware, the fact that no other games, official or homebrew, other then EA games show this issue makes me think something is being done differently in the controller initialization code. Since the game works properly once a button is pressed it isn't an issue with reading the controller in general and just an initialization issue. What we know: -On bootup on a Rev 8 firmware there are no controller buttons actuated (ie no inputs/no buttons depressed) when running controller test roms -No other games display a controller press when booting up -When loading Cavern fighter the game appears to think a button is pressed -The game correctly identifies and reacts when the button is actually pressed and starts working correctly afterwards even through a new game -This would lead me to think something is happening in the controller initialization that is different then any other game. If we can find out what this difference in initialization implementation is, we can determine what in the firmware would affect this initialization code.
  5. No you can't use anything before Ver 8 on 2nd Gen as the video interface is different.
  6. You can install core 8 on an old Phoenix, but there is potential that your TV might not like it. Worst case is you revert to 7 if it doesn't work. Just don't mess with the service core and it will be fine. Not saying this is the case for cavern fighter but lots of CV games (even official ones) have issues that really shouldn't work or rely on dumb luck to work. One example is the Heist where it is reading in uninitialized ram and acting upon it when starting the game. Another example is Centipede where it is acting on the spinner input and the controller gets locked out of menu input due to the spinner being in a specific location (with stock CV and stock Super Action Controller)
  7. Looks to be a bug in the game to me. Once a fire button is pressed everything works fine and it no longer has the issue. After game over everything works properly in the menu as well. There is nothing different in the control section between Gen 1 and Gen 2. Loading up the controller tester shows no buttons are being pressed until they are physically pressed on the controller. Those are just the bootloader firmware versions. You would need to check the colecovision core version in the load cores screen or install cores screen. Just FYI don't install old cores on the Gen 2.
  8. There is a github issues page with exactly what you are looking for. It is linked in the first post and on the Collectorvision Phoenix webpage https://github.com/CollectorVision/Phoenix-Colecovision/issues
  9. This is a known issue with the 2600 core at the moment.
  10. No, the firmware fix is still in development. The suggested adapter is just a stopgap until the real fix in firmware. This adapter is cheaper and works for me: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07KVRYWDF/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. You don't need to update the service core at this time on old units. There is no real value to it until the TV compatability issues are resolved.
  12. I need to verify, but I think it was built with the new hardware settings, so it should work on both.
  13. This is a temporary measure until the firmware is fixed. It is purely an issue with the pixel clock in the colecovision core that needs to be adjusted to be closer to spec, but the resolution causes a rippling change throughout the core that just takes a lot to resolve. The adapter specified is different to some other similar looking scalars in that this one doesn't add an appreciable amount of lag. A different scalar (that looks similar) was HDMI to scart had so much lag, games were pretty much unplayable. You can verify the issue by pressing * and then 2 immediately after pressing the power button. This loads the 2600 core which has a different video output where the pixel clock is correct.
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