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  1. Hi Paul. What games are you having issues with? Do some games work and some not, or is everything not working? When you power the system off before plugging the game in, is the red light on (assuming you have updated to v6 core with yellow light)?
  2. Did you try it on your Phoenix? It should work fine on that.
  3. It wasn't working in 7.3 jailbrake (which is the version I have running on mine).
  4. SD card needs to be formatted to fat32
  5. It is correct. Make sure when you download that it doesn't add a (1) or anything like that. Same when transferring to the sd card. Then power it on and hit # to go to service menu. Then hit 1 for install core and then 1 for cv core. The system LED should flash purple while it is updating.
  6. That is ok. It looks like you are running v3 of the cv core. Put the latest core01.phx on the sd card. Make sure the filename doesn't change when copying it over. Then go to the service menu and hit 1 to install core and then 1 to install the cv core.
  7. Yes, Can you update the service core from the first post and re-take the picture. Go to the service menu and press 3 to update service menu after you have the new service.phx file on your sd card.
  8. Can you post a picture of the core loader or core install screen?
  9. Have you updated to the latest rev of the cv core (6).
  10. What model TV is the Sony? It sounds like the aspect ratio is set to Just scan instead of 4:3.
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