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  1. First clue is to look at the description in the bottom right of the first screen where you have control. Find a way to do it before getting to the castle.
  2. Are the issues the same when run from the sd card? What kind of controller are you using. The speed of movement in CPK is affected by the spinner input. If you use a SAC and spin the spinner the character will move super fast while it is spinning. If you are using a custom controller that has a pin 9 wire without anything connected to it, it can cause spurious spinner inputs affecting speed. I don't see any missed jumps in Montezuma's with the snes or standard controllers when run from sd card. If you hold down # after the core loads with a cartridge in the slot, it will take you to a menu where you can turn off/on the sprite flickering and scanlines. This is only necessary when playing from carts. These options are available on the sd card menu as well. Zenji loads and plays fine from the SD card, does that work on your system or does it just mess up from the cart. For Fathom, that is the way it works on a standard system as well.
  3. This doesn't help with standard cv users, but the SNES controller on the Phoenix is a little better at not jumping around or multiple selecting.
  4. I just noticed I am missing the beat the best (sega_shark level) +15 bonus for popeye. Thanks
  5. This is correct. Updating the service first will allow you to see which version of the cores you have installed and to verify that the core has the right revision after updating.
  6. in the first post. There should be instructions for installation in the manual, but basically put the file in the root of the sdcard and make sure the file name does not change when copying it over. Then when you turn on the system, immediately hit # to enter the service menu, then 1 to install core, then 1 to install cv core. The LED should then flash purple while it is updating.
  7. If you have the whining sound, try re-installing core 7 from the release thread and verify it says 0007 next to the cv core in the load cores or install cores screen.
  8. Yes, that is what I meant, and yes it is possible. The power and ground can be pulled from the PS/2 as well. The issue with Pin 9 and cables with nothing connected to it is a different issue. We are working on resolving that for the next batch.
  9. The warping is specific to the Roller Controller and is caused by the power supply to it. Since the controller ports don't have any true power or grounds going through it, there can be a differential between the grounds in the roller controller and the Phoenix. On a Colecovision this can't happen because the roller controller plugs into both the power supply and the CV. If the Phoenix is powered by the expansion port of the phoenix or the ground is connected between the roller controller power and the ground on the Phoenix, then the roller controller will work properly. Turbo has some software "drift" built into the game and isn't related to the actual steering wheel input.
  10. Anyone find the easter egg yet for this game. Makes it much easier
  11. The fix would either be a passthrough board that plugs in the controller and keyboard port or something that plugs in the expansion port.
  12. CollectorVision Phoenix Production Update: We have some bad news and some good news. First the bad: We thought the new revision of the board was ready to go into production. Unfortunately, when we got the samples in we noticed a previously reported issue but one that we had not been able to reproduce. A few of the first production run customers had an issue with the roller controller where the character would unexpectedly warp around the screen. We had previously not been able to reproduce this issue ourselves. When testing the roller controller with the new boards we saw this same issue. We went back and tested the previous production boards and it appeared as well. So it seems it is related to something in the roller controller hardware or power. This is something we need to get fixed before we can run the production boards. This unfortunately is going to push the shipping date back. We are doing all we can to get this fixed as soon as possible, but I don't want to really speculate on a date until production has started as that is when we will have a much better idea of the delivery date. We are still hoping to get it done by first quarter 2021. The good news is that we have a plan to resolve the issue and are currently working on fixing it. Once we have a fix for the new boards, we should be able to make an adapter board that could be used for the first production run to resolve the issue on the old boards. I hate that this is getting pushed back and really wanted to get this shipped before the end of the year, but I don't want to ship it out with this controller issue. Thank you all for your patience
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