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  1. How does the scoring system work with timed games like this?
  2. Children of the Night http://www.teampixelboy.com/children_of_the_night.php
  3. The system is compatible with the 8bitdo SNES retro receiver, so you should be able to use all the controllers that are compatible with it. I know I have tested the NES30, Wii w/ classic controller attachment, and joycons. But that would only be for player 1
  4. I did try to reach out to 8bitdo to see if they would be interested in doing a controller like that, but never heard anything back. Although that was about a year and half ago.
  5. Nothing is ever 100%, but Intellivision is planned for development after the base system is ready. The arcade cores wouldn't be using MAME. Each core would be the hardware recreation of the actual arcade, not using a software emulation method. So the each arcade core would be specific to a specific game.
  6. No, there are no open source Intellivision cores at the moment. These extra cores are still very early in the process, but most likely won't receive a lot of development time until the system is released.
  7. We will be sending out emails to early access confirming order details and shipping. If you want to switch models for early access, just respond to that email saying which version you want to switch to.
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