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  1. Yes the Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus works with the current core. That is the one I use.
  2. Do you have any games with it or is it just the system?
  3. No, it was Richardthe7th and Itchy. In that thread Richardthe7th makes some critical snide remarks to Tony and then Itchy comes in to stand up for the developers and call out Richardthe7th(himself) for the bad remarks. He also made a jab at you for "stealing" MSX games.
  4. The CV core is currently only outputting 640x480 with a 25MHz pixel clock (which is why there is the tv compatibility issue and will resolved with the firmware update). The atari2600 core is 720x480 with 27MHz which has better compatability. I use the avermedia live gamer portable 2 plus and it has worked well. Someone on the Collectorvision Phoenix Facebook group found a cheap one that worked as well.
  5. Yes that project is still ongoing. The hope was to have it done, but it is not there yet. It will be released as soon as it is ready.
  6. Did you watch the whole video? You have to watch the start of the next game after it goes back to the title.
  7. Full playthrough of L'Abbaye des Morts (including secret easter egg at the end)
  8. Did you replace the C3 capacitor on your F18a CV? I think it needs to be changed to 10uF to delay startup so the F18a has time to startup
  9. The expansion module would be applicable for both units with the exception that the 2nd batch Phoenix boards wouldn't need the HDMI passthrough (you could just use the HDMI plug on the back of the phoenix.
  10. The "noise" isn't an issue with filtering. The issue is the potential difference and change between the ground of the power to the roller controller and the ground of the Phoenix. If you connect the ground of the roller controller to a ground on the Phoenix the issue goes away. This also resolves if you power the roller controller from the Phoenix as the grounds will already be at the same potential.
  11. Phoenix production Update: The Phoenix PCBs are in the process of being produced and we should be on track to ship out at the end of March. The issue that delayed production was due to sporadic control with the Roller controller. This turned out to have nothing to do with the board itself and instead was caused by the power to the roller controller. Even though it was getting the "proper" voltage, there was no common ground connection between the Phoenix and the roller controller, which caused noise in the signals and the position to jump around. The way to solve this is to use the Phoenix to power the roller controller. We are working on an expansion port adapter that will address some issues: -On Rev1 Phoenix's there would be an HDMI passthrough to resolve the HDMI power backfeed issue -There would be some dipswitches to set the default scanline, sprite limit, and encoder disable. The encoder disable switch would be set so that custom controllers do not cause games to lock up or have other issues by disabling the controller port Pin 7 and Pin 9 inputs -Roller controller Power port- This would provide a port that the power connector for the Roller controller could plug into so no external power would be needed. This adapter is still just in the Proof of Concept Phase but something we are looking to release at a later date.
  12. We are still on track for Q1. Most likely end of March.
  13. It ended up being a power issue (most likely on the 12V line). This was a F18a upgrade with a composite modification for the EM1 since the RF module was removed to make space for the HDMI converter. Changing the power supply got it working (although plugging the original supply back it worked afterwards, implying a flaky power connection).
  14. Man... I really wanted to roll it. Well at least I rolled the stages. 721,150 (just for fun/record)
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