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  1. I have all the peripherals. I think what I was saying is that I don't have a peripheral that has the actual error. My SAC, EM2, and roller controller do not show the noise or jumping issues some people have had. If I can't reproduce the error it makes it tough to address.
  2. 7&9 being tied together on a real Adam or CV would not be an issue as both are inputs. I guess I wasn't thinking about plugging the controller into other systems and you are right that it could cause problems that way. Not populating pins 7 and 9 would be better. It is also possible there could be some kind of firmware switch to disable the encoder inputs, but that would have to be looked into.
  3. This is an issue. Easy way to fix is to jumper pins 7 and 9 in the controller, which should resolve the issue since those lines aren't being used anyways with that board (or any custom board like that which doesn't include spinner hardware).
  4. Some changes were made in preparation for the next rev of the board, which shouldn't have an effect on the video output. Thank you for the report. There are still major changes to come with the video output and fixing the pixel clock so we will see what happens when those changes get implemented.
  5. What make and model tv are you using?
  6. This is a normal styled colecovision cart, but the game will only work on a Phoenix or F18a upgraded system.
  7. 68,170 (Finally beat stage 11) (in the correct forum this time😜)
  8. No worries, I was just messing around. Thanks for the update. Yeah we closed the last batch of pre-orders earlier this month for the next production run.
  9. New Firmware release for CV core (Rev7) in first post -Re-written SN and AY sound modules -Fix for early Opcode games (Magical Tree, Road Fighter, and sky jaguar)
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