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  1. Some changes were made in preparation for the next rev of the board, which shouldn't have an effect on the video output. Thank you for the report. There are still major changes to come with the video output and fixing the pixel clock so we will see what happens when those changes get implemented.
  2. This is a normal styled colecovision cart, but the game will only work on a Phoenix or F18a upgraded system.
  3. 68,170 (Finally beat stage 11) (in the correct forum this time😜)
  4. No worries, I was just messing around. Thanks for the update. Yeah we closed the last batch of pre-orders earlier this month for the next production run.
  5. New Firmware release for CV core (Rev7) in first post -Re-written SN and AY sound modules -Fix for early Opcode games (Magical Tree, Road Fighter, and sky jaguar)
  6. Is it possible to jump over the ball when it is high? I have tried, but level 3 requires going over the ball when it is high (at least I haven't found any other way to get past it). Edit: nevermind, it is possible but the timing is tight
  7. Yes, unfortunately not all articles on the internet are factual. I'm guessing Coleco is just trying to put something out there drum up some buzz so when they are ready to resell the systems there is interest. That said, the stuff in the article isn't accurate and there is no "teaming up".
  8. There really isn't anything else to say. That is all. They bought some systems from us, not much more to it than that. All the rest is just uninformed speculation.
  9. Last derail here (at least from me): The Phoenix is released as a BSD 3-clause license. It is listed in the repository: The license cannot restrict what hardware the code is run on unless specifically stated in the license and as long as that limitation doesn't violate the license.
  10. https://collectorvision.com/shop/colecovision/collectorvision-phoenix/ Today (July 4th) is the last day for pre-orders of the CollectorVision Phoenix. This will most likely be the last run as we don't plan on making another batch.
  11. The point is there is no deal here. They pre-ordered systems, just like everyone else. There is nothing to hide here. I hadn't even heard anything like this suggested until this thread popped up.
  12. There is no "teaming" up on this. Coleco bought some consoles from us to resell, but there is no licensing or anything like.
  13. Using a 512K cart is not an issue. Trying to run a 512K game from the Phoenix SD card can be an issue due to the Phoenix only have 512K SRAM with 32k of that being reserved. The patch works by moving the game code out of the reserved area into a different section of the SRAM that doesn't have any game data.
  14. Would it be difficult to create a suicide button that will end your current life. Then if you get stuck in the blue area you only lose one life instead of ending the game.
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