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  1. I have also seen a couple of factory refurbed systems with the diodes soldered on directly
  2. https://console5.com/store/anti-static-d9-joystick-port-esd-set-pair-of-2-static-protection-add-on-pcb.html?fbclid=IwAR3f077t2UP92tYh3DawfAovJ3_JS4Re00tirH4poRPdTF9x6_0roBZ1lUs Ruggers Customs made this ESD board for the CV joystick ports to add the Zener Diodes that the Adam used as well as some factory reconditioned cv systems.
  3. You must have some good xray vision to see an unsoldered BGA 😜
  4. Ok, Only the early access systems ($300 unit price) have been shipped. The rest will be shipped in October.
  5. Send me as message with your order number and I can verify, but what Nick said above is correct.
  6. It looks like it was just an oversight on Pitstop. You would have been in 9th place that week which would have given 52+2+3 for 57 points that week. That would give you a final of 67 points for the season.
  7. There is a channel for non-early access users in the Phoenix discord, but there is not really any discussion in it. https://discord.gg/E3eDxUU
  8. Yes, you do not need a physical sgm for the Phoenix, it has it built in.
  9. This should help http://pitfallharry.tripod.com/MapRoom/PitfallMap.html
  10. I got all the treasures with about 3 seconds to spare, but lost points on some logs.
  11. The first production run non-early access units are shipping in October. We will need to have a minimum number of pre-orders from the second batch before we can do a second production run, so it is unclear exactly when the 2nd production run will start.
  12. Some of the games were written for both MSX and colecovision by the same author: Chaos begins, Children of the night, multiverse, Mecha-8, Mecha 9, and Zombie Incident
  13. Some rare Homebrews on ebay including Ghosts and Zombies with 12 hours left: https://www.ebay.com/sch/doubledownon11/m.html?_nkw&_armrs=1&_ipg&_from&fbclid=IwAR3YsUYVAHPdDPddW7U3FRvLti7v46vgoC6k4oEa2kqwJx_F0wuBmVNukpM
  14. A little of both. The best place is in the Phoenix Discord.
  15. I did (but I had the unfair advantage of beta testing it). I think I found level 7 to actually be the hardest (at least the scrolling section).
  16. I'm still waiting to get a quote back from the board manufacturer to see what are minimum order would be at a reasonable cost. So right now it is hard to say how far out we would be. The more orders we get the faster it will be though ;).
  17. The Adam group is a private group so you would probably need to get access to it first before the link works.
  18. https://www.facebook.com/groups/115531017844/permalink/10157683747882845/
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