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  1. 2 hours ago, H.E.R.O. said:

    Is the new Sydney Hunter for PC out today? Look on Steam and still says 'September 2019'. Beat the crap out of River City Girls and looking for a new challenge. Guess I'll Blasphemous for now.

    Sept 12

  2. 15 minutes ago, discotronic said:

    I have a question and did do a search. Pretty sure I know the answer but wanted to be certain. This thread is fairly long and the info has changed a bit since it was started.


    My Phoenix should be here in October it looks like. Pre-ordered in January. I have a Super Game Module and I was going to pick up a modded ColecoVision but then the Phoenix happened. So I ordered the Phoenix. At that time I thought it was Super Game Module compatible. The information on the CollectorVision site states: Officially licensed Opcode SGM compatibility Built-in. Reading this thread it looks like I won't need the SGM because compatible actually means that SGM functionality is already present without needing the actual module. Is that correct and I will not need the actual SGM?


    Yes, you do not need a physical sgm for the Phoenix, it has it built in.

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  3. 8 minutes ago, Tron Unit said:

    Just ordered the Phoenix and did not realize it had sold out already.  I’m confused is the second run shipping out in October?

    The first production run non-early access units are shipping in October. We will need to have a minimum number of pre-orders from the second batch before we can do a second production run, so it is unclear exactly when the 2nd production run will start.

  4. 12 hours ago, phoenixdownita said:


    How far are we from a second batch?

    I'm still waiting to get a quote back from the board manufacturer to see what are minimum order would be at a reasonable cost. So right now it is hard to say how far out we would be. The more orders we get the faster it will be though ;).

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