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  1. We will be sending out emails to early access confirming order details and shipping. If you want to switch models for early access, just respond to that email saying which version you want to switch to.
  2. As long as the game itself isn't programmed to explicitly flicker. If the game is programmed to only have 4 active sprites vs changing the order of the visible sprites, then the F18a wouldn't fix the flicker. I can't think of any examples off the top of my head where this was done though.
  3. I would say there are a good amount of games that flicker. Some of the bad offenders are burgertime, tapper, and roc n rope.
  4. The system comes pre-loaded with 10 Homebrew colecovision games and 1 physical pack in game. There are also lots of homebrew games that have been publically released that can be loaded on the sd card as well.
  5. We do not have a solid date at the moment as we as still waiting on a few things to come in. We are hoping to start shipping in the next couple weeks.
  6. Sorry, must have missed your question the first time. No we will not have a "box" for the system. It is something we can look into offering at a later time though if there is enough interest.
  7. We shouldn't need to do anything to make 4:3 mode on your tv work. The TV will generally do 1 of 3 options: Wide screen or 16:9- which will stretch the image to the whole screen but have the wrong aspect ratio, 4:3 mode- which will display the correct aspect ratio with black bars on either side, or Just Scan- which will display the image at the original 480 pixel size (won't fill either the vertical or horizontal directions depending on tv resolution)
  8. Phoenix Production Update: Sorry for the late update but it has been a crazy couple of weeks. -The Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death game boards have arrived and we should be getting the boxes later this week. -The system labels should also be coming in later this week. -The system Manual is running a little behind, but it is still being finished up. Hopefully it will only be a couple more weeks until we can get the system shipped. Once we have a firm shipping date we will let everyone know.
  9. We had a little delay with the Labels and manual that have pushed us back a little bit. I hope to have a little more detailed update later this week or weekend.
  10. We are still pushing to try and ship by the end of the month, but it could be close.
  11. There are no light gun games or any in development that I am aware of for the colecovision.
  12. Speccary is still working on improving compatibility on the 2600 core, but he has said that the TI99/4a is on his list to port once he is finished
  13. We are still trying to get everything done to ship by the end of the month, but it will be close. We should be receiving the production labels in the next 5-10 days. We are waiting for the pcbs for Caverns of Death and the manuals.
  14. The Labels have been ordered and we are waiting for them to arrive. The pack in game is still being manufactured. The manual is running a little behind as we are waiting for the system core menu to be finalized for documentation which should be finished this week. We are still hoping for May release at the moment.
  15. I sent you the latest bit file, so yours should be fine to test. Although even an older version should still be fine for testing.
  16. The system will ship as HDMI only, but we are planning on having an analog video output module available at a later date.
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