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  1. If you put the stone in the wrong hole it goes back to a random location in the pyramid. You can use your geiger counter (4) to see if the stone is in the room. If a stone it there it will be all the way to the right. all rooms have a hidden opening so it is easiest to just start on one side and work your way across all rooms.
  2. Sorry. The gameplay videos were helpful, but I had played it before. No glitches. The color combinations worked once and then I got a combo that wasn't even on there so I just worked left to right. Probably played for about 4-5 hours straight to get to that point. I had to give up though after finished that last pyramid even though I still had lives left. I did have some graphical glitches throughout the game, but it didn't affect gameplay.
  3. Sorry for the lack of updates recently, lots of stuff going on at the moment. I'll have a more detailed post a little later (still waiting to receive a couple pictures). There was an unforseen delay in the board manufacturing that pushed things back a little so it looks like it will be April for early access. The good news is that the boards are being manufactured now and should be done shortly. I was on-site while the boards were being made and the first articles passed inspection and testing so there shouldn't be any surprises.
  4. Great Score. I have a feeling I won't be beating you this round.
  5. I think the blocks are just random with what is behind them, so luck of the draw. The bottom right shows which rooms of the pyramid you have finished.
  6. (shameless plug) Another option if you are interested in the colecovision and 2600 is the CollectorVision Phoenix. It will play both from carts and sd card for Colecovision, and will play from sd card at launch for atari 2600. An cartridge adapter will also be available after launch for the ability to play actual 2600 cartridges. https://collectorvision.com/shop/colecovision/collectorvision-phoenix/
  7. Sorry, lots of stuff going on at the moment trying to get everything together for the Early Access. There are a couple ways it could be handled including having the switches mapped to the keyboard, SNES, or number pad on the colecovision controller. There could also be soft buttons that could be accessed from a menu in the core. We will provide more info later, but there will be a way to trigger the buttons.
  8. This doesn't always work with this version, but it is good for the most part.
  9. Added Zener Diodes to help with ESD on the controller ports, similar to what is done on the ADAM.
  10. No I haven't had a chance to get the email out yet. I will post here when it goes out.
  11. I think I was on 1.8 on the colecovision, I haven't messed with the actual colecovision in a while as I have been working on the Phoenix . I'll fire it up tonight and check it out.
  12. Great score. Thanks for making me not have to play through this again
  13. Yes I was able to get it working on my F18a system as well as the Phoenix which has F18a as well, so that shouldn't be an issue, unless it is a motherboard revision issue
  14. The Colecovision core has been up and running for a while now. The other cores are still in development.
  15. Ram is going to be a limiting factor as to what can be run. The Phoenix has 512k SRAM so it really limits what is possible. It is possible to have a NES core running, but might not be able to run 100% of the games.
  16. It is running on the CollectorVision Phoenix. The Phoenix has a new font in the bios. It is interesting that the last 0 in the score isn't an actual 0, but is just a background image since it doesn't change. That is why the last number looks different. You can see the different font in the Game Over Text as well.
  17. 1,029,520 Finally able to roll it. Had to just stop afterwards.
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