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  1. Morning all, on one of my only too rare days off I came across an interesting nugget. A claim that a company called Image Computer Products created games on cassette for the 99/4 in 1979. Apparently they were included in a brochure produced by the company and could be purchased by mail order using forms sent out to 99/4 owners. They would be the only cassette based software available to buy in 1979. However it appears none of these have ever been found in the wild. Anyone have any info regarding whether this titles actually existed or were sold? If so must only have been in small quantities. Game titles were Wildcatting, Tournament Brick Bat, Strategy Pack I, Wall Street Challenge, Mind Master and Skill Builder I.
  2. There was a 4A in one of the physics labs at my grammar school in the UK, it sat there doing nothing from my first year (1986) until my last (1993). Fairly sure it never even moved, I remember a friend of mine once asked the Physics teacher if he could take it. Teacher said no as it was school property, it was pointed out to him that it had not moved for 7 years just to our knowledge and was obsolete. Well its still school property came the reply! My friend just should have put it in his bag, it would not have been missed and would have gone to a good home. I still had my 99 and even then we were into retro programming.
  3. Uso il classic 99, peccato ma ` la maccina vecchia` non c` e piu da molto anni! Sono in d`accordo. `E meglio se si usa il cpu throttle.
  4. Its pretty playable but as with the other Gordon Tomlinson game `Quasimodo` the jump right or left function seems a bit random. Also it has crashed a few times with me, jumping off left hand side of screen returns a bad value in 83 play testing wasn`t the same in those days!
  5. jet set willy

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  6. HI there,i am not surprised at the explanation as several times Willy seemed to be getting a foothold on the twig before falling through.! You are correct, the original Spectrum version was not completable due to at least two things i recall: An arrow overwriting code and an unreachable object prevented completion. Also unless my mind is playing tricks the original came with a competition,first to complete the game won a helicopter ride with Matthew Smith. Anybody else recall this? As to a new version,well it does seem a shame it cannot be completed. It is however along with other creations on here a superb example of what can be achieved on the Ti.
  7. Hi.first of all what a brilliant conversion.first rate and a great achievement. I do hope someone can put me right as i do think i have found a problem that makes the game unable to be completed. In the `out on a limb` screen it seems to me that the item highest up on the screen cannot be collected. This is due to the fact that it does not seem possible to jump onto the `twig` furthest to the right of the screen from the highest of the three twigs just after the `branch`. I have tried dozens of times and cannot accomplish this,the item is collected that way in the spectrum version and i do not think its my gaming skills (or lack off)as i tried the jump on the spectrum on line emulator and made it first time no problem. Do not see another way to collect it. Any Thoughts?
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