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  1. Not changing the subject but does anyone know if just the cable is available for the original XE lightgun? Mine works if I bend it sharply where it goes into the gun. I figure a wire is broken going in.
  2. Are the switches that difficult to replace? I'm pretty good with a soldering iron. I need to replace all four on my XE. Any other source for the switches besides Best Electronics?
  3. Looking for a 7800 power supply, oem or clone doesn't matter to me. No longer needed, found a original one but had to pay around $20 for it.
  4. I finally got my refund today, I don't know what is wrong but something must be because they didn't even respond to paypal during the investigation. I really wonder if something happened to the guy.
  5. Well still no response even through ebay, I'm going to file a claim and just buy through best electronics.
  6. Yes I used the website, I will try to contact through ebay also.
  7. Has anyone here ordered from atariguide? I ordered a 7800 power supply 24th of May, Haven't received it yet and they won't answer any emails. I think i'm going to file a paypal claim.
  8. pony

    7800 power supply

    Yeah I saw that, They seem to pretty well made from what I was reading the web.
  9. pony

    7800 power supply

    I went and ordered one from Atariguide.
  10. Can anyone recommend a site to buy a 7800 power supply? I picked up a 7800 with a few games that works fine, I took case apart and jumped connections direct with wires to test. I'd like the original supply but I'm thinking about converting to a modern barrel type connector. I don't mind drilling a extra hole in the case. Also does anyone know what the two pin connector is called? I have a supply that I could solder a 2 pin connector to.
  11. pony

    ISO XEGS Keyboard

    Just seeing if anyone here has a good spare before I search the web. No longer need one, Just ordered one from B&C
  12. I have been thinking about picking up either one of these, Any good deals out there?
  13. You know you are exactly right, It's a crying shame that I posted a simple game and I hear how it's not worth the cdr its made with to how everyone hates Gorf the person. To everyone else who responded neg here, No I really didn't know the current value which is why I was asking for offers. I'll not get rid of the game here at all if I decide too, Ebay it'll go and all you naysayers can go screw yourself!!
  14. I know you said 6 but I only need 2, Venture and DK, Oh well.
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