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  1. 7475 at speed 1, on MAME 60hz I really like the game, it's a pity I don't have time. I will play it a lot in the next months!
  2. I really like the game, but this month I have no time...almost. My small score:
  3. ciao Elia, I wouldn't use "to hate", but I also felt much frustration and envy for Commodore (or Spectrum, or other) users. For us Italian, (maybe European?) the frustration was triple: almost nobody knew the TI99, and 90% of those who had heard of it, really underestimated its capabilities very few software/hardware for the TI, and very expensive ... almost no possibility to get non original software due to the TI imposed restriction and the lack of italian documentation and it was also really hard to learn or do by themself anything beyond BASIC with the TI
  4. Maybe now I am starting to understand how to play this game. I think you cannot avoid fireballs... if they are fired against your ship. But it's too late, here is my best score so far. Congratulations to jwild and pixelpedant! The game is tough, as Tetlee says, and also frustrating. Makes me desire to have the TI Invaders ship, to wipe out all the slime and those damn flying saucers 🙂
  5. mmhh I post this just to participate to this month's game. Yesterday I read the manual, now the game starts to make sense to me... but it's hard!
  6. Hi acadiel, very interesting monitor. Do you connect it to the Amiga using a scandoubler or with the simple Amiga-to-VGA adapter? May I ask you more information about the connection to the Amiga? If it is considered off-topic may I contact you privately?
  7. yeah, I tried to beat this fantastic score till yesterday evening, but failed! Congratulations to jwild !!
  8. Wonderful! I had thought several times that such an index would have been really helpful!
  9. My hope was that after the last level you defeat it... I don't remember if I ever succeeded, but I am afraid that my hope will be disappointed
  10. wow! If that's just the starter... I guess I chose the wrong game I greet the next champion! 🙂
  11. I agree with everything. My impression is that all kinds of dots "suck up" the creatures. I also think that the position where they re-appear is exactly the opposite (with respect to the screen center) of the one where they are sucked.
  12. Time to start March's competition! It's quite some time that we don't play a game by TI. My first choice was Blasto, but then I realized that it was already selected, even if it does not appear in the first page. So it's time for a to the Moon... more precisely for a trip inside the Moon... will anyone find the elusive Zygonaut?
  13. Just one more thought about Cave Creatures, before announcing the march's game. There's a couple of things I still don't understand: when you kill an enemy it transform into a ... coloured dot (?). As anyone playing the game has noticed, the color of the dot defined it's behavior when hit. But what determines the color of the dot the hit enemy transforms into? Is there a rule, or is it random? From time to time one of the enemy turns into a ... sprite, and moves directly towards the player. Is there a rule that determines when this happens, or is it random? Any idea or comment is welcome!
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