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  1. Thanks Opry99er and iliketurtles. Was Ant Colony an official release? The catalog scan lists alos Pipes and Crisis Mountain
  2. After seeing St. Nick (this month's competition choice) and Cave Creatures (previous month's choice) I am discovering that Funware did very nice games. Is it possible to have a list of all Funware games, differentiating official releases form prototypes?
  3. Hi all, following your suggestions I have found that the problem it's not only with Flying Shark, but also with other cart, as Don't mess with Texas. It seems that the carts whose name has an '8' just before the ".bin" extension are the problem. I don't know the technical details, but I do know that these are a specific type of carts. In the debugger window, the "Loading file C: ... " line for the carts that don't work is *not* displayed. As if the files are not recognized. The problem is not the console version, I have selected "TI 99/4A" in the System menu
  4. filename is (as in the thread): flying-shark-v1.2.1-8.bin Moreover, filename of the Game Shelf version is: flying-shark-8.bin :-(
  5. Hi, I have tried the first way you describe, as usual. I did exactly what you describe, with the file downloaded from this thread. I also tried with the file taken from the Game Shelf, and get the same behavior: the emulated TI resets, but the title menu has only the TI basic option. I have to say that I use Classic 99 v. QI368 on OS X via wine (I know, it's not a supported way to use Classic 99, but works fine, up to now). Maybe a need a newer version?
  6. Hi friends! I have tried to load the game in Classic99 (as a cartridge). But it does not appear in the title menu. What did I do wrong?
  7. Hi everyone! As Ciro explained, I could not connect to the internet for a couple of days, during which I achieved my best score... Not enough to win, but now that Ferrari is doing well in F1 at least one Italian score had to be registered! :-) And you lnow, Ciro is too busy with useful stuff :-) score4.bmp
  8. Hi, so we are reaching the end of June. Bad month for playing ... My best score so far: score3.bmp But I proudly present the score of a new player, nicknamed D99: scoreD4.bmp Just slightly better than mine, but it's the first time D99 participate in a hi-score compo, and she is 10 years old, so I guess she deserve her score to be published :-) Time to put fresh forces in the TI99 community!
  9. Sigh... I'm sad. Attached, my best score. I don't win, but the reason why I am sad is different. My best score is also my *first* score, I achieved it the 11th of May. After that, I had a f***in' terrible month, and was unable to even open Classic99, let alone switch on my real TI that is waiting, since the 16th of April (my birthday) to be connected, for his first time, with my PEB! :( score1.bmp
  10. Hi, I have MiniWriter I on tape (original), but I don't have the manual. I have a pdf of the MiniWriterII manual. Does anyone know the differences between the two versions?
  11. My condolences to you and your family, Omega. May your dad rest in Peace
  12. Nice choice, I never had the time to try the game, but it was in my to-do list :-) I also would like to congratulate Ciro his excellent scores in HeroX! He uses to say that he sucks as a gamer, but this month's competition shows that it is not true, if he decides to commit he is very good! :-)
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