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  1. 14960, MAME, 60hz I don't really understand the rules of the game, either. Is there a manual or some instruction available?
  2. Thanks Eric!! I am just beginning the enterprise of studying ASM on the TI (with a 40- years delay!), my dream would be to become a real developer for the machine and to create some nice game. The existence of this community, consisting of extremely competent and very generous people in making their knowledge available to everyone, gives me great confidence and encourages me to be successful!
  3. Resurrecting this old thread... You might remember: we found out that the LBLA on some (all?) original tapes has a bug that prevents the OLD command form working. A patched version exists (for instance in Classic 99) but has not (yet) been found on an original tape. Today, I was looking for the Miner 2049 manual on Ciro's database , when my eyes have been caught by the second document in this entry, which seems to me an official addendum by Texas Instruments. If that is the case (Ciro do you remember the origin of the scan?), then the bug was known by TI and the addendum describes the fix that mizapf reconstructed in this thread. Ciro, you're database is a cave of tresures!! 🙂
  4. nice experiment for today, 2nd of january. To have a close reference, first I played 60hz, and did 87000, (MAME, 60hz) better than my highest score in the compo. Then I played the EU version, and after 4-5 games, I reached 93700 (MAME, 50hz). Well, topping my best NTSC score was harder than I thought. Indeed, the PAL version is a bit easier, but less easier than I expected. The main reason are the yellow TIEs. I hit them taking advantage of their entrance pattern, and apparently the change in speed coused me trouble. I lost many more ships than I use to loose in NTSC. On the other hand, white birds in PAL are clearly easier: in NTSC they are so fast that I can fight only avoiding their attacks and shooting randomly as fast as I can; in PAL their movement is perceptibly slower, so I manage to aim and shoot. For this latter reason, I have to say that I enjoyed the game more on the PAL version. Hopefully I will soon try playing on my real PAL TI, to see if it's different with a joystick and... the real iron sensation 🙂
  5. far from the exceptional score from MarkSetGo, but I am satisfied with this: 74700, MAME 60hz, with keyboard. Happy New Year!!
  6. 69200, MAME, 60hz, keyboard. white birds are nasty. Side note: I played a bit (on MAME) with the arcade version, which inspired me as a child. It's rather different. Indeed, apart from similarities in spaceships, the game mechanics are completely different.
  7. 35900, MAME, 60hz (NTSC), playing with keyboard PS: I reached 52100 in PAL
  8. to learn something about TI assembly programming to make good use of a nanoPEB that I have in garage to knew more about the TI software library, both games and utilities
  9. I used an MBX just once, at the italian TI-TREFF, and I was unable to use most of the features. So I don't know much about it. Thanks fo the description, that I read with much curiosity. I am hit by the following: What does it mean? What's the purpose of the headset if it does not send audio?
  10. Ok, so if I understand, you mean that the game is written in assembly, but the cart dump used by FG99/MAME is GROM only, hence it needs the 32k. My understanding is that, on the other hand, there exist carts containing ROM that execute assembly without the 32k. For instance Tombstone should be like that: it is written in assembly, because the source code was shipped with EA, but the original cart does not require 32k. Am I starting to understant?
  11. but what exactly means "GROM-only" ? I thought it means that the game is written in GPL, as opposed to being written in assembly. But my belief (belief of a newbe) is that if it is in EA3 format, then it is written in assembly. Isn't this last statement true?
  12. Newbe question: why is it a GROM-only game? I though it was coded in assembly, because on gameshalf ther eis the EA3 executable PS: I agree that the vertical scrolling is not as goos as other games. Some months ago we played WarZone 2, it seems running on a different hardware.
  13. Yes! For me a wonderful opportunity for a travel into childhood. When I was I child, I once had the opportunity to play several games at the Astro Fghter arcade, and I was hooked on the game. But after that day, I could never play again AStro Fighter. Some years later my parents bought me a TI, but at the time I never knew the existence of a TI version of Astro Fighter. I think the game never arrived to Italy in the eighties. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I found out Astro Fighter in a MAME installation. I am curious about the publishing history of the TI99 conversion. Is it an official conversion form Data East? Was it released as a cart? I am dubious because the cart image that I use on MAME requires the 32k, which suggests it is a conversion from the EA3 or EA5 on Game shelf. Morevore, is there a can of the manual available?
  14. A question about Superfly'contest: did anyone play with MBX? I'd like to know if the game is more playable/exciting with the MBX joystick/vocal control. For me (no MBX 😞 ) it was a bit problematic to quickly switch from long to short missiles, or viceversa. I guess MBX helps in this.
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