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  1. Please forgive my poor knowledge! Before starting the competition, I thought that all three Thorn Emi games had never been released as cartridge, but only in floppy disk (by Arcade Hardware). Then I became suspicious that a cartridge version of Computer War was produced for commercialization (because both MAME and FG99 dumps do not require 32K, hence their are GROM-ROM, and in my small experience GROM-ROM dumps derive from physical carts). Both you and Arcadeshopper showed me that indeed the Micropal cart is well known. I didn't knew that there is also a vary rare version produced by Thorn-Emi. Thanks! And what about "River Rescue" and "Submarine commander"? Their MAME dumps do require the 32K.
  2. First score 1350, just to enter. Not easy. A question for the expert of TI99 history. As far as I know, this game was originally released on floppy, as EA5 file. However there are cart dumps (for both FG99 and MAME), and those dumps do not require the 32k mem. This make me suspect that Computer War was released commercially also as a cartridge, but I have never seen one. Do you know more about the history of this game?
  3. Let me say once again that the Lobster Bay find was truly a godsend, it would have been a shame that our community was deprived of such a fun game. Many thanls to Touchan (by the way, is he in this forum?). I really enjoyed august competition and I am willing to continue playing Lobster Bay to discover even more. My skills (english in particular) are not enough to write a good manual for it, but I am ready to help someone better than me in writing, by providing all the info and the tricks that I have learned about this game. As for the September Game of the Month, my choice fell on a title that always fascinated me but I was never able to play: Computer War Thor Emi I think it's widely available in both cart & EA5 formats. The original release was maybe on disk, in EA5 format, but surely someone who knows more than me can correct me. Hope you will enjoy it!
  4. yes Beginner level. it's visible in the upper left corner
  5. This is a very Fun game!! 🙂 For now, it's by far my favorite Funware title (I have only seen Cave creatures and St Nick). In the bonus screen I think that the green small fishes are worth 500 points, while the other green ones are worth 400.
  6. I have also checked the disk dump in the gamebase: it's the same as the one in the TOSEC
  7. I read the story of the discovery of the source code by Toucan. But then it seems that Toucan produced a cart and spread it. Has anybody the actual source code of the game? Would be interesting to look at it!
  8. Tombstone City is one of the three TI games released on disk, beside module. By chance, I found the (supposedly faithful) image of the Tombstone City disk in the TOSEC. This disk image contains the game in file object format, with file name TOMB. It seems exactly the same file that is present on the EA disk B. However the instruction to load the game given in the manual, assume that the disk contains the game in EA5 format and that the file is called GAME. Namely, exactly the same format/filename used for the other two game releases on disk (Munchman and TI Invader). I checked the TOSEC image for those 2 other disks, and their content is consistent with the manual. So I think that someone created the disk for Tombostone city by simply copying the file from EA Disk B, making it inconsistent with the manual instructions. What I would like to know if the error was made by TI, or by the TOSEC people. Anyone knows?
  9. Besides enemies sprites, has anyone noticed other differences between the released version (good C symbol and monochrome enemies) and the beta (bad C symbol and multicolor enemies)? In particular, what about gameplay? For the July's compo I have only played the released version
  10. 124000, MAME, 60hz!! just joking... the above score / 10 😞 It's a tough game. In the end I prefer playing with keyboard, I am slower but more precise. The caves are dangerous, I try to avoid them
  11. Hi, I would like to use FW with my real TI+nanoPEB. I have a single 40 tracks disk-image version of FW that works fine in MAME. So I copied that image in one of the volumes in the nanoPEB's CF card. Doesn't work well. Here is what happens, starting from LOAD (in TI XB): - the XB screen is displayed (like in MAME) - the configure FW option works well (like in MAME) except that it hangs in writing the configuration into FW and UTIL1 (but no problem in writing back LOAD) - the WP / ED do not work: when I run them, the screen goes blank and the TI does not respond anymore - the "loaders" menu is displayed, but then the TI hangs (the screen does not go blank, but nothing happens anymore when i press any key). Any hint about what's the problem? My first guess was some configuration problem, but it seems all options are setted like in the working disk-image Second guess: any file got corrupted in the CF write process? Could be but strange, but the files in the other CF volumes seem all ok. Could you suggest how to proceed to quickly find the issue?
  12. thanks Tetlee! 🙂 your team also did a great performance in the competition and would have deserved a victory. You know, penalties are a lottery. We are waiting for you for the rematch in the World Cup Meanwhile you did the right thing and turned a disappointment in a really great score! July has just begun but you are in a good position to win this compo!
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