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    Games and fixing stuff. Finding neat things to play next. Owner of the following. Sears Tele-Games heavy Sixer CIB,Toaster NES,Atari 7800,Genesis CIB, Sega CD Model 1 CIB, Powerbase Converter, Sega Saturn, Playstation,(audiophile) modded, Atari Jaguar CIB, Dreamcast, Xbox, GameCube with GameBoy player, Wii, Ps3,Xbox360, Nomad, GBA SP, DSiXL, 3DSXL, Game Gear, Famicom, TG-16, Wii-U.
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    Whatever I can think of now to use my Saturn wheel for. Hmm maybe some Alien Trilogy.
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    Well that depends I have some pressure to make videos although it just a hobby so we will see.

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  1. Bought my first Everdrive is this the first step to whittling down a physical collection?

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    2. cybercylon


      Depends. If you have a way to dump your own roms from your carts, you can then store your carts somewhere. Everdrive for which system? Especially with the SNES, you may need to keep some carts out (anything that uses SA-1 for example).

    3. carlsson


      It might be the first step to only buying the games you really want to own, and run the rest from memory card, plus the first step to play any freely available homebrews you may come across.

    4. Eltigro


      Which one did you get?

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