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  1. That's really cool, very slick. Keep it going!
  2. Bear in mind that Atari licensed the Bee Card from Hudson for use in the Portfolio, so there's every chance it could have been used here too.
  3. Nice one, really quite hypnotising!
  4. Did Atari use STs themselves to run the company, or did they all have PCs?
  5. If you bought one you could muck about on it for a bit and then sell it on for a similar cost, so you wouldn't lose out much or possibly at all.
  6. French STEs didn't have a modulator.
  7. Junosix

    Jaguar to PC

    Pinball Fantasties.
  8. Nice work, might be worth using antistatic foam (the pink stuff) rather than polystyrene for the insert though.
  9. You'll want to have a chat to this chap who has already done the legwork: http://atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=28951
  10. I've always found the patent information for the PS2 that mentions the Microbox is a bit strange, seeing as the Microbox looked very similar to this earlier HP workstation, and which the PS2 looks more like:
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