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  1. Glad to contribute to the scene! Another very minor update: after getting that working and testing with a mouse plugged in, I found an extra problem as a result of my keyboard handling code not filtering out mouse packets - the scancode for the key I used to quit the current game (ESC) could also be generated with mouse movement. "Move the mouse to die" isn't exactly a feature I want in the game, and the quickest solution to that without rewriting anything is to change the key - so that's now F10. DROID_SE.ST
  2. Looks like there was a small error in how the joystick was initialised, which can lock up the keyboard controller on a real machine, and would always fail on newer versions of Steem (due to it accurately emulating the keyboard controller, other emulators not affected). Have updated, now seems okay. Newest version attached. DROID_SE.ST
  3. Updated - have added a map display when the game is paused, and instructions are shown on the title screen. DROID_SE.ST
  4. So, just shy of 8 years after I started experimenting with hacking around with the original, I present: Droid Special Edition Features 8-way hardware scrolling, blitter, DMA sound, Power Pad support, and music. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lODKJv077-19hxUs-i3qALBpO4fl8x38/view
  5. Droid Special Edition also supports Enhanced Joystick Ports: https://youtu.be/0ftuKzJJzpA
  6. I believe it was the early batches of Falcons that had ST-coloured cases rather than the ones at the end of production. Do you know what version of TOS it has? That could be a good clue as to its age (unless the TOS chips have been upgraded).
  7. Yep! His recent PlayStation stuff, TxK/Tempest 4000 and Polybius, and the music in the trailer for a recent Kickstarter documentary about Llamasoft: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dokk/heart-of-neon-a-documentary-about-a-life-in-video-games
  8. Longplay on Difficulty A, hopefully demonstrates the swimming:
  9. Hey guys, cool to see it get reviewed! I'm still around, turned my attention to writing some music for a couple of Jeff Minter's games and creating a chiptune+softsynth tracker for the Atari STE (Turbochip). I did revisit The Wicked Father for a third and final time years ago to alter some of the levels to get rid of the dead ends, it's still insanely difficult though. Have attached it here. The trick with the swimming is to go crazy on the fire button when you're completely under water, then go for more of a gentle tap when you've hit the surface. thewickedfather-270514.zip
  10. That's really cool, very slick. Keep it going!
  11. Bear in mind that Atari licensed the Bee Card from Hudson for use in the Portfolio, so there's every chance it could have been used here too.
  12. Nice one, really quite hypnotising!
  13. Did Atari use STs themselves to run the company, or did they all have PCs?
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