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  1. Kawai K5000S was the most popular synth that was based on this approach (additive synthesis). I'd say great for ambient stuff, bell-like sounds, pads... You can find some sound demos on YT. Still... it's much easier to produce rich waveform and filter out some stuff to get something interesting than to add up sinewaves to get the same result.
  2. Poison, have you considered using MPT? I guess samples might introduce some variety into your compositions. Not to mention the pretty powerful instrument editor it has. Don't stop composing please.
  3. PG, those 'filtered' leads work nice when played against regular pure instruments. No wonder you double pokeyed the tune. And that snap in the snare, yeah, shakes the room definitely. Majstersztyk
  4. I convert SAPs to XEXs. So I can listen to them with the real thing. A sort of limited workaround.
  5. Yeah, now this one sounds as heavy as required. Well done.
  6. Ooh, I had in mind Emkay's efforts mostly My impression is that it'd be nice to have his ideas presented in a bit more accessible way.
  7. Sure. How about picking out the pokey findings you consider to be your best and present them in one place / one thread etc. The essentials roughly speaking. As far as I understand you've been working on the stuff for years so there is plenty of ideas to choose from. But the point is to present them with detailed descriptions of what's going on, what to focus on, some instrument editor screenshots, some files if you think it's necessary, technical references, maths, whatever etc. Staying focus on the essence as much as possible. I'm pretty sure more coders, musicians and pokey fans will start to follow your ideas or at least support your efforts.
  8. Ooh, another fav of mine. I almost destroyed my speakers years ago when pumped up the volume, because of that huge boooooooom the kick involves Nice idea to do their classics!
  9. Yeah, well-crafted stuff. Particularly those fast attack/short decay/long sustain notes work exceptionally well. Not usual when the sound is 'filtered' and has this sort of envelope. Edit: typo
  10. Precisely. SID comes pretty close to the classic synth architecture, based on subtractive synthesis. The most popular sort of synthesis so people get into it with ease. Like in Moogs for instance. So as a musician you're instantly equipped with a bunch of waveforms (PWM for pulse included), filters, ADSR, Ring Modulation and sync feature. So you got some starting point. In case o Pokey sound generation capabilities, it's more like someone gives you a bunch of basic Pittsburg modular parts: clocks, dividers, sample&holds (roughly speaking), XORs etc. Some are hard-wired, some are not. And you're scratching your head trying to figure out how to use all of these to get something interesting. For instance how to sync some parts ('phase reset' it's called here I guess) to get something PWM-like.
  11. @R0ger: Nice idea really. There's some PC based pokey tool in developement at the moment as far as I know. Not a tracker but something emulation related. Anyway, I don't want to spread some vague news and I hope the author will say something more precise sooner or later. I believe you my find it useful in the future. There was also a PC version of Soft Synth, very early but working version. Besides I heard proper substractive synthesis filters and proper saw waveform produced by Pokey the other day. Just not everyone is willing to share the stuff at early stage, only some stuff is available somewhere at Github, Atarionline.pl etc. We can PM so I can help a bit with getting in touch with the authors or so. Many people may be willing to support you I think if you decide so start the project some day
  12. No I'm not at all. Don't cross the borders when sharing your views. It's pretty simple.
  13. I don't like your attitude dude. You're crossing the borders and starting to insult others with this 'it's too much to think' etc. because of... your vision of Pokey developement??? You kidding me???
  14. Right, I've sorted this out. Thanks! I've been digging into some old pokey threads the other day and filtered out some content I suppose. I'm far from judging anyone really. Cheers!
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