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  1. Just got my PlusCart and its working great except. My Atari 2600 has the Tim Worthington RGB mod and the system loses sync with the OSSC with every page turn. Anyone else experience this and have any timing tips?
  2. @pixelmischief did you get this to work? I have the exact same problem.
  3. I would like a cart of Sadoom. Who do I email? And why does the rom not work right? Whenever I turn right, the bombs drop and I can't move.
  4. By the way, the hack isn't there, there is a link to it on a forum in the hacks section
  5. I've downloaded the Rom of Saddoom! and my mouse doesn't move in it on z26 or stellax. You think you can sell me a cart?
  6. I have 2 questions to ask: 1.) How do you count to 26,0570? 2.) Whats 50hz?
  7. The first time I played Kaboom I got like 400. Now I average around 3000. This game cannot really be compared to anything else. After so long, you don't really think about what your doing you just follow the bombs. My highest score is 7,000. I hope to one day reach the all-powerful 10,000. Im best at Breakout though. I suck at Missile Command. I haven't played it enough, I guess. By the way, where can you check high scores?
  8. I like playing video olympics with 2 people and each person holds a pattle in each hand (button pressing is a difficult task!)
  9. In my opinion Kaboom! is one of the greatest games for Atari 2600. It is so addictive and I continue to get better and better, but I can’t manage to score 5000 or higher. I AM CONVINCED that this game can be summed up into one mathematical equation, yet I can’t seem to put it all together. The first round the bombs are worth 1 point, and there are ten bombs. The next round has 20 bombs worth 2 points each. This pattern repeats until round 5, when there are 75 bombs. But, once you hit 1000, you can gain back a diffuser. My main concern is, should I choose to let a bomb drop right before 1000 points, so that I can get back my defuser, or should I choose to go the faster route to gain more points per bomb? I want to apologize to all of those people who are disgusted for me taking the time go so in-depth into this simple game, but I love it.
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