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  1. Alrighty, tomorrow Ill go back and probably pick it up. I don't really have 80$ to shell out to start the collection up, as i'm a college student, but Ill try to picture the stuff and if anyone on here is interested we can work something out. Again thanks a lot yall.
  2. Honestly all the excitement from you guys makes me want to start an Intellivision collection. You all have a nice little community of serious people. Thanks again to everyone.
  3. Yeah it would have been awesome. I don't remember a volleyball game but again I wasn't making note of the sports games as they usually do not interest me. Tomorrow Ill go back and try to get pictures of all the games. It's kinda hard for me to take pictures without looking sketchy at this store, but i will try. If I get a picture of the spines of them all, would that help? Edit: Also remember a Tron game
  4. Hello everyone here is a follow up post: I went by the store today and it ended up being open. On the door it says Sunday Open: Sometimes. I went and relooked the box of stuff over and as I expected it was the Atari version. I would like to apologies to you kind people for getting everyone hyped. I didn't realize how much this would impact you guys. I would have really liked it to be real, not for money or fortune, but for you all. As far as the other stuff in the box: An intellivision II system and 2 things that plugged into it for cartridges, cables for it all, the games I can remember: Qbert, advance dungeons and dragons, Popeye, A starwars game (forgot the full name sorry), a few sports games, and some games that said TALK or SPEECH on the front. The system and attachments looked to be in really good shape. Same for the games, they all are complete with the little number pad card. I talked him down to 80 for the whole box. I still haven't purchased it, but he said it had been there for over a week. Let me know if there is anything worth getting for myself or you guys. Again I would like to apologies to you kind people. Thanks again for all the help. Also for the people wondering what the box looked like I snapped a picture with my really bad old ipod touch because I do not have a smart phone (lol), I will attach said picture. TL:DR I'm stupid and sorry for scaring everyone. EDIT: Sorry if I sound like an Intellivision idiot, I really don't know a lot about it. EDIT: He said everything worked also. EDIT: After further investigation the speech games I mentioned were Intellivoice games.
  5. Guy I hope it is real as much as you do, but odds are it is not, if it is as illusive as you are making it to be. Still when Monday rolls around ill check it and in the 1:million chance this is something insane you all will be the ones who get it. Also on the off chance it is real deal I will post pictures right away and everything else necessary for you guys to do any analysis's needed on it. I'm probably not going to be posting on here till I check it just so I don't get over hyped about helping you guys. Expect a response regardless of if it is real or not, so no one is left clueless. Thanks a lot everyone for being serious and kind.
  6. What am I thinking, if it is a repro ill return it.
  7. That is why I wanted as much information possible. Would my location help determine the possibility of this? Also if I get there and it is Intellivision would it be worth the risk in the case of it being a repro?
  8. The people in this thread will be the first to hear/see anything given the slim chance it's for the Intellivision.
  9. The store has a good return policy and I know the people inside pretty well, as I am a regular. I totally forgot about the fact I could return it if I have any problems. Still I will not purchase the box of stuff unless it's for sure the Intellivision version. Also is there any information about just the box existing or anything? For sure I'm going back Monday morning 100%. If it is the box and the game for Intellivision what type of find would this be? I know nothing about the Intellivision or released/unreleased games. I will keep everyone updated. Honestly the way you all are reacting odds are it's Atari, but I find it weird for 1 Atari game to be with 20 or so other Intellivision games with an Intellisivion system all boxed.
  10. Also Pimpmaul69 if this is the real deal then expect full detailed pictures of everything inside and out.
  11. I just realized tomorrow is Sunday and the store is closed, but come Monday mid day I will update. Please let anyone know that may have any more info about it. Could it have been distributed in any way? Like I said I know nothing. Thank you Pimpmaul69 for getting back so fast. Let hope for the best.
  12. Sir Jay, I took a peek inside a few of the games,when I was in there and they all seemed to be in there. Also all the games and system were in good condition. It looked like it was taken care of.
  13. The picture I attached is exactly what was in the box, I'm going back tomorrow to re-inspect. I don't really want to shed out 100$ until i know a little more about it. Can you or anyone you know clue me in? I could maybe ask if they would sell just that game for 10-20$. If I get it tomorrow I will post pictures of the box art/cart inside and out. Thank you very much for the information.
  14. Hello I am new to AtariAge, but I found no better place to post this. As a preface I know next to nothing about Intellivision games, but I may have found something interesting, Ill cut to the chase. Today I was at my local thrift store and saw a box of 15-20 complete in box Intellivision games and what appeared to be a console in good shape marked for 100$. I went through the box to make note of some of the games to look up because I was interested as I've been collecting older game related things recently. The games I remember were Qbert, Night Stalker, a Star Wars game, and Spider-Man. When I got home I started looking up the games I made note of and something caught my interest. It came to my attention that Spider-Man for the Intellivision was an unreleased title. Does anyone know anything about this game for the Intellivision, NOT the Atari? I had a hard time finding anything about it besides the picture I attached. Also the picture I attached is exactly what the game looked like in the store. Thank you to anyone who can help me. TL:DR found an unreleased game complete in box at a thrift store....maybe? HELP
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