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  1. I've since gotten a PVM, a 1954Q, and you are definitely correct when you say that they're the ultimate. It cost me around 300 CAD, and was worth every penny in my opinion. RGB on it is glorious. We're talking about CRT monitors... For playing games from the 1980s...
  2. Yeah... I've read some people's horror stories about getting a PVM shipped.
  3. Hoping to hook up an SNES, Japanese Sega Saturn, PSX, and PS2 at the moment. If I find a BVM, that'd be great, but I'd easily settle for a PVM 20 with RGB. Preferably inside of Canada so I don't have to pay a ton on shipping. I'm going to have a look at some places locally in the near future.
  4. Patches like these ones? http://nes.goondocks.se/patches2.php That thread is very helpful by the way, thanks.
  5. The NES carts they do look really good. Thanks for recommending it!
  6. I'm looking for reproduction cartridges of certain exclusive NES games. RetroUSB previously had everything I'm looking for up for sale on their website but they are now all discontinued. I'd appreciate it if anyone who knows could point me in the right direction on where to purchase these carts. I really haven't heard of any good repro websites aside from RetroUSB. Edit: To clarify, I'm looking for repros of games not available on NES, such as exclusive Famicom games, or the Vs. arcade games. I'm not interested in repros of existing NES games, otherwise known as a fake.
  7. Thought I'd take a shot at this. Thanks for unlocking the thread! This was on second quest, after 3 or 4 runs.
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  9. Yeah, I can understand that. My CRT is excellent for gaming. I recently picked up another one that's similar for free. A 27" Sony WEGA.
  10. I did a lot of reading on RetroRGB about what you mentioned. They do an excellent job of presenting all of this information. I'll be sure to take a look at the shmup forums as well. By the way, when and if I decide to look for a PVM, where should I start? With where I live, it's not possible to search for one locally. Do you think eBay is my best option?
  11. Thanks for your reply, those pages were really helpful! I have a better idea of what I want now.
  12. I think I want to try and delve into the world of RGB and getting better picture out of old consoles. I'm curious to know how much better a Sony PVM monitor is compared to my 27" Sony Trinitron CRT TV that I am currently using. I live in Canada, and it's apparently fairly difficult to get ahold of a PVM here. If I decided to spend the money and get one, would it be worth it?
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    Anything at all.
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