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  1. Hmm, for me it really was about passing it on to a new enthousiast, in stead of some random trader who doesn't really care. And Atariage isn't really new for me (I think I first registered 5 years ago, but I lost the account). So I thought... And where else would I be able to find new released Atari products right?
  2. I know. really complicated stuff. Fortunately, my buyer didn't rip me off it seems, but seems really happy with it. Whether we'll see it again for more money, time will tell. I wish things were different, but it is what it is. I did pack it with 30% weight added in protection (so no damage through the trip from Europe to the US) and took many pictures before shipping. You could claim something is not in there, but as everything was effectively sealed, that's hard to keep going... I guess it's all about the money, not about the happiness of using old rare computers for some..
  3. Yes, I totally agree. I really don't mind getting less for the computer. I just sold the computer through this forum. I might have gotten 100 euros or so more on EBay, but no, thanks. I'd rather see it with someone reliable who loves it and will actively use it! I'll probably sell my Atari 800XE (like new, really) through this forum as well..
  4. Oh, I'm trying to sell it here. Not on EBay! Facebook I don't have (security issues for me). We'll see. If it doesn't really sell here, we'll try the others. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! Well, I always kept mine like it was my baby (because it was). So do you sell your baby in the end, to let others experience one too? Not great either, but I realise, a real luxury. I do hope a good FPGA implementation will come out some day though...
  6. Hi all, I don't know whether this is oke to ask. But after (very) long thinking, I've decided to sell my Atari Falcon.. I haven't been using it enough to keep it really.. It looks and feels like new, is complete with the internal metal shield and speaker, the original 84 MB Connor harddrive is in the (bit noisy though) and a spare harddrive, 14 MB ram, software, switcher to connect the Falcon to the old ST displays, etc. I included a bunch of pictures of it working, and the whole package.. For some strange reason, some of the pictures are sideways and can always be reshot... Oh, it hasn't been recapped yet... I know (from the forum) that most people prefer it this way. The drawing tablet will go to Portugal, so is not included... Asking price: 1300 euros, or US$1450 (that should, according to my local exchange rate be just about equal). Shipping costs are separate extra. Of course depending on where it needs to be sent to... Of course it will be send with insurance and as properly packaged as I can manage If you have questions: don't hesitate to ask! I speak English and Dutch, I read and understand German as well, and a bit of Spanish and French... Bas.
  7. What would the drawing board be worth to you? It's of course no problem sending it to Portugal..
  8. But Apple doesn't release anything overpriced! Like a non-serviceable iMac Pro, a $6000 so-called professional display, a $1000 stand for the display or a probably $5000+ Mac Pro? Still, I really like MacOS and I really really don't like Windows... Unreliable, buggy and out of date stuff for me, Windows..
  9. I'm currently thinking about 1400 US$ or 1275 euros. What do you guys think, is that fair? I usually find very beautiful ones professionally re-done for US$2000+ or anywhere between pretty bad and pretty okay for US$750-1250... Mine is really somewhere in between. That is, taking your advice and looking on EBay on sold items / closed items.. But I might have looked at the wrong things...
  10. Yes, I do remember that the Amiga 4000/030 (for me the alternative) was cheaper than the Falcon. So I bought a A4000/030 first (which I still have) and the Falcon when I could afford one and could find one barely used... But I forgot that they were THAT expensive! I'm in the Netherlands, so in guilders, that was +10% from the DEM.. Ouch! And I also bought my first PC in the early 90s......... I did keep and use the Falcon and Amiga until the late 90s, as I always liked using them better than the PC. And it was a sad day when the PC took over.. And the PC is still as boring as it ever was for me... So, FPGA cycle accurate Amiga and Atari (500/1200/4000/ST/STe/Falcon)? Yes please! I'll buy them in an instant... Perhaps an AmigaOne X5000 some day. Wish there was an Atari equivalent available though..
  11. I'm in the Netherlands. And yes, I really did try to keep everything complete and looking very very nice throughout the years. With the Falcon, 800XE and Electron, that really worked, but the Commodores.... Only the C128 looks like that.. Oh, and my Spectrum 128K is complete and looks perfect. If the keyboard membrane didn't need replacing (is in back order). Oh, and the MSX2 (Philips) is also in great shape, complete with printer etc. I'm really careful with my stuff.....
  12. Perhaps good to know. It is a European version. Even though with Falcons, that really doesn't make that much of a difference, as it is relatively easy to change around... Wow, not used to selling my computers, so hard to think of a price...
  13. Okay, quite stupid, but a mud? Sure, it's text based, but great. And then I realise that it is actually turn-based. Sorry... You really can't go wrong with Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back... I really really love those!
  14. Yep, the ultimate home computer roughly 25 years ago I've been looking at replacing the battery part only, but that basically means opening it up, and if you do it wrong, won't it ruin the logic board? And todays computers, to my opinion, miss things that were still available on the Falcon. Really, for me, PC's are the same every generation. Just faster. Really boring.. But then again, I'm an old man, partly living in a past that doesn't exist anymore...
  15. As far as I'm aware of.. They don't really seem to leak. Maybe after a bunch more years, don't really know. A lot better than the classic Xbox (which I also still own) with it's clock capacitor which should already really be replaced But interesting.. I do still have an Amiga 4000/030, freshly recapped with Quantum Fireball harddrive inside (I still prefer the old harddrives over CF until they die). I'm starting to wonder how much those go for.. For me, the Falcon also was the ultimate prize. I had a ST first, then a Mega STE and a Falcon finally. And today, I only have the Falcon left.. Unfortunately.. Wow, just checking the Amiga 4000 (also full specs, but nowhere near as complete or nice looking). Ridiculous! And indeed, even the A1200.... Wow..
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