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  1. Two years, right on! Thanks for being an advocate of the ever so awesome Neo-Geo systems and for always sharing my stuff!
  2. For sure the PC Engine has a mountain of games that remained exclusive to Japan. Luckily, it's actually cheaper for the most part to buy imported versus TG16 games.
  3. Since moving to Japan about 5 years ago the PC Engine has become one of my favorite systems to collect for, I hadn't ever played on a TG-16 before coming here. As such when I started reviewing games the PC Engine was one of the first systems I wanted to start covering. I focus on the Japan exclusive games mainly but I love just about everything the system has to offer. What are some of your favorite PCE games? Playlist of PC Engine reviews: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyJvQFBp5UVNzD_UfI5p6B3gJfjKfjEWx
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