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  1. You'll need a DIN 5 socket and the UAV, see Manterola's post. btw.. 600xl has the best video circuit of all XE/XLs
  2. Sadly I lost all source code I was working on, HD crash. This has forced me to use github so this won't happen ever again.
  3. I thought that I may have missed the RDY and HALT signals when I installed the Incognito and SCCC but seems I have done it.
  4. Finally got closure on this weird problem. My PVM died which kinda delayed some other projects I was working on, so I converted the machine to PAL so I could use it on my 1048s which is PAL also. After doing the conversion, the above problem got a lot worse, in certain games too ( especially Dropzone & Bosconian ) The only thing I haven't tried was another 6502. So I swapped the Synertek 6502B for a spare Sally. Good thing the SCCC card lets you use both. Problem gone, who'd have thought ?
  5. I really don't know why that even matters tbh.
  6. The XE was released in 85. So manufacturing FREDDIE in CMOS was not a problem. I read it was manufactured in CMOS here, I’d trust that it’s correct info seeing that Jurgen is an engineer and makes some great add ons for the A8. He helped me with my 65XE repair, reach out to him. He is very helpful.
  7. I was late to the party. I didn’t like anything enough pre Pentium but I did start gaining some interested in it a little more over time. For me it was around when Win 95 came out, the system I built was a breath of fresh air and gaming was exciting for me once again with titles such as C&C, Quake and Destruction Derby. I wanted to keep using the Amiga but by that stage my hardware was getting old and worn, maintaining it was no longer affordable and no new software was coming out. The Pentium 120 met my needs
  8. That guy is a machine when it comes to porting stuff. Outstanding work. I just got a stand-alone Vampire V4 yesterday , so I’m looking forward to using the Amiga and checking what I’ve missed out the past 15 years.
  9. Interesting failure mode for a 7805 if that Ingot is indeed using one, they all use those right ? Some of the bad Commodore power supplies use a different regulator which are more prone to over voltage but the 7805 seems to be quite safe to use. I’ve had someone jump in on one of my threads saying they’d never seen that type of failure mode in their 25 years of experience. Was that under load conditions? Either way 6v is too high.
  10. Machine is over 30 years old so I wouldn’t always suspect the PSU but considering it’s an ingot, I’d not be using it in the long term. It’s definitely not uncommon for more chips to fail on your bench one after the other as you’re working on it, I see it constantly with arcade stuff I’ve worked on. My understanding is that FREDDIE is CMOS as opposed to the other chips which are NMOS, so they won’t take as much of a beating and are usually prone to being one of the first chips to go a long with the DRAM. DRAM failures were a huge problem even back in the day when these chips were still brand new. You could find a NOS replacement fairly easily as I did. But with new tech available it would be much easier to get an SRAM replacement or even the Antonia board as everything required is on there. But I’d still be checking with Simius first to confirm that it will run happily without the FREDDIE chip.
  11. In addition to the two missing ram chips, my Antonia board runs happily with the following devices removed from the 600xl. OS ROM BASIC ROM MMU 74LS158N x 2 74LS32N x1 74LS51N x 1 74LS375N x 1
  12. I had a bit of a set back a couple of weeks ago and lost everything in a HD crash, yup.. my own fault. That includes source code for the A8 diagnostic software I wrote and all my arcade related stuff. So I had to start this project virtually from scratch and then use the xex I uploaded here to disassemble/reverse engineer what I did which helped me get back up to speed and on track rather quickly. I now have the Manta's bullets working ( using soft sprites ) in the attract mode with collisions to objects in place ( that includes destruction of parked ships and collisions to the obstacles on it ). Though that didn't take much work because the original game uses soft sprites for the players bullets as well. Uridium.atr Uridiump.xex
  13. Atari 800 with Incognito and SCCC - NTSC Stock 800XL - PAL 600Xl with Antonia - PAL Stock 65XE - PAL
  14. Wow. only $173 shipping to Australia, absolute bargain.
  15. He shared the previous version, 1.2. But I’m sure someone can do better than this. It would be nice with some drums but I couldn’t find a way to make the bass channel sound decent after splitting it.
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