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    C64, Apple, A8 & Amiga junkie. Video game & electronic repairs, homebrew dev (arcade diagnostics software), guitar & music.
  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbbdPa0tddY
  2. Yes it's fantastic, one of the best programs ever written. I used to load up that game just to listen to the tunes.
  3. I'd say in 1985 for Apple and Atari. Commodore started using them in 1986. The answer is probably here https://tedium.co/2016/11/24/1988-ram-shortage-history/
  4. Here is my list of 20 1. Wizball 2. Uridium 3. Murder On The Mississippi 4. Maniac Mansion 5. Paradroid 6. Hunter's Moon 7. Impossible Mission 8. Pitstop II ( great with two players ) 9. Microprose Soccer 10. Hardball 11. Last Ninja 12. Pacland 13. International Karate + ( IK+ ) 14. Elite 15. Bubble Bobble 16. Little Computer People ( disk version ) 17. Prince Of Persia 18. Bounder 19. Spindizzy 20. Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing
  5. Kyle22 showed me this ad from 86 and they look relatively cheap. The two 8 Bit DRAMs are still cheaper based on this ad. I have no way of verifying when the board was made and I'm not sure when 4464s were introduced, so perhaps those were factors. 4416s were in the 600xl in 83, so its highly likely 4464s existed but may have been too expensive to manufacture in large enough quantities at the time. So perhaps availability was the main factor.
  6. I didn't have the upgrade at that point yet. So in order to keep using the machine....
  7. At least they used good quality RAM chips and not the mT variety we all love so much. I no longer have this board, the OKI branded ram went straight into an 800xl. I'm not sure why they didn't just use the two 4bit DRAMs and 3 wires. The ram upgrade before installing the Antonia 4Mb board.
  8. I haven't given this a bash yet. But it look likes a lot of fun.
  9. https://www.vintageisthenewold.com/frantic-freddie-ii-a-new-homebrew-release-on-commodore-64/
  10. Chipped is usually ok but I always check their values just in case they're off. I've only had one game ( it was a King Of Boxer ) constantly crash because of missing and broken decoupling caps. Once I replaced those the game was stable.
  11. I see more Turbo Chameleon 64 carts being sold just to play this without slowdowns.
  12. The cheats, glitches work because he took the original rom and reverse engineered the binary into his own source code. Whilst the game logic is the same. He would have re-written a large portion of the code to work around the c64s many limitations and make things work in a different way, each system is different with its own unique strengths. The scrolling relies on a very specific technique to make it work on the c64 and he also would have completely re-written the sprite engine to handle as many objects as it does. The sound & music would have been a challenge as well but the SID and NES APU can produce similar sounds.
  13. If it's the one I'm thinking of then it's exempt from being pulled.
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